Prepper News Weekly July 7 2017

Prepper News Weekly July 7 2017


In the News:


CNN went absolutely crazy over the Trump WWE meme, going as far as to threaten the young man behind it. Of course, sources say they went after the wrong guy. Fake news about fake news…


Jobs Great Again?


The economy added over 220,000 new jobs in June and June also set the record for total labor participation – over 153 Million are working.


Trump and Putin Meet


The two Presidents met today in Europe ahead of the G20 summit. The two have much to discuss. Hopefully this will lead to a mending of the strained US-Russian relationship. Odds are it will not satisfy the Democrats “Russia did it” fetish.


Photo by AP.


The meeting followed Trump’s high energy visit to Poland. There he discussed containment of North Korea and the defence of Western ideals and freedoms. There, Trump had a warm and enthusiastic welcome.


That the general case at the G20 summit site. There hordes of violent protesters turned the streets into a nightmare. SJWs running amuck.


Finally, and NOT in the news: Where is ISIS!!?? They’ve been a bit quiet lately and that means they’re up to something. I kept checking the news to see if there were any attacks in the West. This is the anniversary of the 7/7 attacks in England. Happily, I have nothing to report other than a bad feeling.


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