Prepper News Weekly June 16 2016

Prepper News Weekly, June 16, 2016

In the news:

Sessions’ Testimony

Attorney General Jeff Sessions answered Senate questions this week about the fake news reports that he, and other administration members, colluded with Russia. What the collusion was supposed to be about is getting muddled. What’s clear is that the circus appears to be based on nothing and going nowhere. Sessions flatly rejected the assertions, calling them “detestable lies.” The mainstream media was forced to rewrite much of its fake, sci-fi coverage of the matter. This story is getting a little old and is eating up time better spent on real problems.

London Tower Fire

Real news broke out again in London. An early morning fire completely gutted a 27-story residential high-rise apartment building in the White City region of town. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Sources think it may have started in a kitchen and been spread rapidly by flammable materials recently added during a renovation. Residents were given the foolish instruction to stay in place rather than evacuate. Many ignored that and survived. Authorities fear some 100 may be dead.

My note is that the building housed numerous “refugees” and foreigners. I openly speculate whether bomb-making ingredients might have gotten the better of someone. This is purely my conjecture. Time and an investigation will tell.

Photo by BBC.

Political Shooting in Washington

Perhaps the most disturbing news of the week/year came when a deranged Democrat opened fire with a rifle at a baseball practice. His stated aim was to kill Republicans and he tried. One Congressman was wounded (and remains in critical condition) along with four others. Please see my commentary on the terrible issue and its ramifications for the country.

Civil War?

This is the central ramification. Has political violence and general decay reached the point where it could boil over into a new civil war? That certainly seems possible. Various sources – from me to Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, and others are openly speculating about the coming crisis. If this is the new normal, there’s nothing normal about it. Time will tell but things don’t look good. This time, there may be multiple factions fighting all over, more of a breakup than a war for control of the central government.

Interest rates

The American economy continues to limp along. Super-investor Jim Rogers is predicting a major recession/depression soon. And he says the central bankers will have no answers this time. As if in answer to his prediction, the Fed moved Wednesday to raise interest rates by .25%. This won’t have much impact on borrowing but will give the bank a little room to wiggle if Rogers turns out to be right. Whatever happens, things cannot go on much longer as they have for the past 20+ years.

SC Dirty Bomb

This week the people of Charleston, SC dodged a nightmare. The FBI and the Coast Guard are investigating reports (perhaps a hoax) of a dirty nuclear bomb at the shipping terminal. The incident shut down the facility for several hours. While nothing was found the event raises serious questions and concerns about the potential for crude nuclear warfare in America. Authorities responded by searching about four containers – four out of maybe 30,000 on hand. With that kind of volume (at just one port) the odds are increasingly likely someone may slip something in sooner or later.


President Trump has just moved to the the “Dreamers” affair, or DAPA, concerning illegal aliens with citizen children. Now, any and all illegals are subject to deportation. The head of ICE just announced that these invaders should be worried. And they should – just as any other criminal is. It’s time for a cleanup – 30 years overdue.

The Cosby Show

Finally, in sad but trivial news, Bill Cosby awaits his fate in the sexual assault case against him. The jury is reportedly deadlocked. However the judge refuses to dismiss them at this point or to declare a mistrial. “America’s dad” waits along with a jaded nation.

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