Prepper News Weekly, June 23, 2017

Prepper News Weekly June 23 2017

In the news:

Reprisal in London

Week after week, day after day, we are treated to the “new normal” – as ISIS fighters inflicted terror attacks again and again across the West. Governments do nothing. Idiots hold vigils. “Refugees” conspire for more. And good people by and large put up with it.

Not one English man. He snapped and delivered a revenge attack against Muslims in London. And he used their own tactics against them – running them down in a rented van.

I’m not condemning or applauding this hit, just reporting it. But, if we are not to see much more of this, all-out war and global violence, then something really must be done about the terror issue. It isn’t going away on its own. See here:

More Terror

ISIS, undeterred by the London vendetta, launched additional attacks worldwide.

A Bombing in Brussels.

Bombing a Mosque in Iraq (even against their own…).

Alluha Akbar! In an American airport.

Photo by AFP/Getty.

Again and again and again.

The Federal Reserve

…prepares a stupid re-do of the last financial crisis. They do not learn – or they do not care. Prepare now and ignore their statements, warnings, assurances, and other hot air.

Healthcare Folly in the Senate

One begins to wonder if the GOP is really conservative or even mentally well… Trump/Obama/Ryan Care goes further into nowhere.

Cindy Arrives

Hurricane Season 2017 opened this week with the arrival of Tropical Storm Cindy. The storm landed in Lousisanna with high winds and heavy rains. At least one death has been attributed to the storm. Far from the worst nature can offer, the event served as yet another reminded to always prep. Make sure you’re able to ride out such storms or flee them. The rest of us benefit from much-needed rain: always the silver lining.

Cosby Re-do?

Again to finish with the trivial, “America’s Dad,” the fallen Bill Cosby survived his sexual assault trial when the jury became hopelessly deadlocked. It is reported that two jurors held out against a conviction. Prosecutors now must decide whether to retry the matter. Sales of Jell-O pudding were unaffected…

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