Prepper News Weekly, May 26, 2017

Prepper News Weekly: May 26, 2017

In the News:

Changes for the Bigger and the Better!

Freedom Prepper is upgrading across the board! Please bear with us as we continue to fine tune the site, the app, and everything else FP. Look for new offers in the coming months, to include a Freedom Prepper Library – real and really useful hardcover books about everything you need to know in order to survive the crazed modern world. More on that later…

And, as promised, we’ve started with some new and original video productions. This week saw the launch of my Primer of Prepper Fitness: just an introduction and the beginning of a little series on better health, before, during, and after SHTF:

Terror Manchester

This week also saw a severe ISIS attack in Manchester, England. (One of four major attacks this week!) A terrorist detonated a nail bomb at the Ariana Grande concert, killing 22 and wounding scores more. This incident highlights, among other things, the need for constant vigilance and situational awareness.

Fortress England

Due to the concert attack and in response to credible intelligence, the UK raised its terror warning to the highest level: indicating another attack(s) may be imminent. The Prime Minister deployed thousands of soldiers to the streets to assist police in rounding up additional terrorists. There are thousands to choose from, sadly.

Photo by The Telegraph.

Trump Abroad

President Trump, this week, visited leaders in Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, and with EU leaders. He had a stern warning for terrorists and those who sponsor them. He also urged the nations of Europe to pull their weight funding NATO – it’s about time.

GOP-Care Scare

The repeal/replacement/whatever for ObamaCare, let’s call it TrumpCare or RyanCare, hit another potential snag this week. The Congressional Budget Office released a scathing report on the proposal that has already cleared the House. The Senate is in the slow process of assessing the Bill. Now, it is possible that House GOP leadership may actually recall the legislation in order to examine the CBO’s claims and potentially re-vote the matter.

This insane spectacle does little to foster faith in the GOP or government in general.

Goodbye, Roger Moore

The longest-serving James Bond actor and star of The Saint and The Wild Geese passed away at the age of 89. For the record, he was my favorite Bond.


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