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Monday, March 30, 2020


Hello, Prepper Friends,

I’ve been documenting this phenomenon elsewhere; have you noticed, this past week or so, the CONSTANT references to “the enemy,” “going to war,” “battle,” “war-footing,” “armed,” “WAR,” etc, from the pols and the talking heads? This is psychological conditioning. It’s beyond fighting the Coronavirus and beyond the mere mindless balking of the MSM parrots. Keep an eye on it. DO NOT make a drinking game out of it! You’ll get sick or pass out fifteen minutes into any Cuomo or Trump speech… -P

Now, some items of late:


Not even the pretense. One man, named Massie, symbolically stood up against the insane Bailout Bill and was (literally) shouted down. Every last “conservative” has, predictably, abandoned their cherished non-principles. We have no hawks, only fiscal buzzards. 


For a long time in America, it was pretended that there was some magical separation between the levels of government power and some limit on the extent of that power. Rumor had it that there was a 10th Amendment to the Constitution or something. Now, that the cancer has fully metastasized, we see the truth. The past few weeks have made it crystal clear that the government’s claimed authority is limitless. Worse, it’s clear that the majority are not only okay with it, but that they demand it.

Will the “War” Talk be Limited to Iraq/Iran? – Anti-War

I worry that the maniacs in DC are gearing up for a final conflict with Russia and/or China. That may be in time, but for now, they have their sights set on Iraq (like we’ve never had a war there!) and possibly neighboring Iran. There appears to be stiff opposition in the Pentagon and that is great news. Will the sane and the sensible hold the line? Let’s hope so, as we appear to have more pressing problems in places like New York, New Orleans, and Miami.

Your Papers, Please! – Daisy Luther

Well, they probably won’t say “please,” now. With half the country under house arrest (for saaaaaaafety!), we are now seeing Nazi-era or Soviet-style restrictions on domestic travel in the US. People are emailing and texting me to review their “travel papers.” Not kidding. The good news is that there are many “essential” exceptions to the various curfews. The bad news is that we have various curfews in America. Are you essential?

The World (of Bailouts) is Not Enough – MSN

Only in late-stage America (possibly in fifth-century Rome) could 2 trillion dollars be deemed insufficient to cure the financial ails of an economy said to be the strongest ever just three weeks ago. The ink hadn’t even dried on the bailout bill, largest ever, before the calls started for more. Here, the governors complain. Others as well. Washington promises more.

Legacy Food Storage

Mortgages Held in Abeyance – Washington Times

It has started in California and will likely spread nationwide. At least four mega-banks have promised Gov. Newsome that they will forego payments on home loans – for now. The interest will still accumulate. The payments will be due with a vengeance later. They can afford to do this with the Fed pumping in fresh Trillions each week. Your $1,200 freebie won’t go as far as you think. If you can, keep up the monthly payments. If you can, pay it off. If you can, avoid the debts to begin with.

Social Distance – Forever – ZD Net

For some unknown reason, humanity was able to survive (just barely, I guess) for thousands of years without the recent lunacy of “social distancing.” Now, a bunch of Harvard eggheads say that we will only make it in the future if we keep up this antisocial 6-foot craziness. A society locked up and wearing masks, afraid to move or congregate, isn’t a society. 

Mass 3-D Gun Printing! – The Wall Street Journal

Some good news! The guy who pioneered the 3-D firearm, is re-releasing his plans online. This has the government and the anti-freedom activists upset. Good. I’m not sure about the longevity or utility of a plastic gun, but at least it’s an option. This is a case where the first and second amendments met and were stepped on by DC. It’s good to see them stepping back. There’s a subscription fee if you’re interested.

France may have the nCoV Cure; Why the Slow Release? – Asia Times

It’s not just France, and they’re not just hiding it. There are several cures out there for the Chinese Flu. Who is getting in the way? Who else? Governments slow down the process in the name of saaaaaafety, killing some so others can be…whatever. And, the forces of Big Pharma, of course, want to profit. 

Power Grid Woes? – Bloomberg

I’ve been worried about the power grid throughout this emergency. Initially I thought that only a few Corona cases could shit down the plants. The system is extremely fragile. Now, it seems that there is a decreasing demand and the risk of falling prices. That sounds good unless or until one considers that the result could be production cut-backs and lax protocols, which could result in the plants shutting down. Either way, make sure you have some form of alternative for the basics.

The Arrests Begin – Star Advertiser

This story is from Hawaii, but the trend is all over the place. People are getting tickets (and fines) and being arrested … for going outside. For going about their business. For being human. The greatest tragedy of this pandemic/depression may be the criminalization of humanity.

Big (Boss) Brother is Watching – The Star

Those who have kept their jobs, many of them (us), are being asked or ordered to work from home. That means on a computer. And that means that spyware can allow employers to keep tabs on the at-home work. If they just monitor the job-related activity, that won’t be so bad. But then again, when does anyone in America just do what’s reasonable anymore? Most stunning, is the acceptance or liking of this trend. 

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