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This is rich. One for the ages. The modern age of no responsibility for one’s actions, to be precise.

A thug gangster tried to commit an armed robbery at a Pizza Hut. He was shot dead by an employee. And now said thug’s mother is blaming you, me, other gun owners, guns, pizzas, God, the Easter Bunny and everyone else. Everyone except for her son.

The ever-awesome Bearing Arms site published the pitiful account of why it’s all your fault. Read on and see what you have done…

The Criminal Blame Game

Michael Grace, Jr. decided to rob a Pizza Hut. That was bad enough. But what followed take the cake. During the robbery a good guy – an employee – shot and killed our robber. That was the good part. It’s what happened when the dust settled that has my head spinning.


Blamers to theleft, robber to the right… Photo by Bearing Arms.

The deceased criminal’s parents place all the blame on the justified employee for killing their son. And, by extension, they’re blaming you and I. I don’t like that.

“If there was to be a death, it was not the place of the employee at Pizza Hut. That is the place of law enforcement.”

– Dead Thug’s Mom

She went on, “Why in the hell did this guy have a gun?”

The answer to that question, ma’am, was to protect himself and his store from thugs like your son. Worked out well, huh?

The mother was further distressed that the employee shot her son in the head rather than in the body. Ma’am, maybe he was a good shot in addition to a good guy.

She also wants the employee in jail. I ask, “for what”? Self-defense is not a crime, madame. It’s a right and in some cases a responsibility. Jail is for the fortunate robbers who do not get shot.

I, obviously, can’t explain all of this to her through this article. In fact, I bet she is resistant to explanations, period. Better off talking to one of the pizzas.

All of you get it though. Don’t start a mess, and there won’t be a mess. It’s really simple. It’s the whole civics lesson the son never learned.


Photo by KXXV.

This is sad on so many levels. All levels, really. And it is really beyond sad. First, the thug wanted to hurt and rob people. That’s bad but it happens. Second, he died. That’s terrible (kind of) if not terribly predictable. Live by the sword… Play with fire…

Saddest of all is the mother’s blaming of others for her son’s poor decision-making skills. Maybe she feels just a little guilt or something. It’s natural for a distressed parent to become upset – even when their child was in the wrong. But this is ridiculous.

Criminals (and their moms) have to realize that good people are not taking it anymore.

Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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