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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s October 12, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


The Numbers

  • The same chicken little who warned of millions of deaths, to be discredited by reality, is still warning of 400,000!!!! Corona-cides unless all life in America stays closed off. You can’t keep a good Fauci down. Or, this one. TheHill
  • Thermometers for the turkey and thermometers for the guests. A vast swath of MSM-believing Americans plan to cancel Thanksgiving or else resort to 1984-style craziness. Imma RSVP, “no,” thanks. StudyFinds
  • Fly to London before the airlines go out of business! Just make sure to carry your handy, dandy COVID Passport! What that is, they still don’t know. But, today, the facts just don’t matter. DailyMail
  • You’ve got mail? (Remember that?) No, you’ve got COVID! No! Really, you’ve got a false positive. Some 90% of those positive cases, reports the New York Times, are wrong. Any bets on the other ten percent? JamesFetzer
  • Keep that last story quiet, please. They’re trying to sell the public down the road. That’s why the “vaccine” effort is mired in CIA secrecy. They’re hiding something – like the truth. LastVagabond

NOT ISOLATED! NOT AVAILABLE! A stunning admission, and one that I suspected, from the CDC: they have not isolated or positively identified the alleged SARS-Corona-nCoV-COVID-2019 thingy! How do you make a “vaccine” for a bug you can’t even identify?! You don’t, you just load up a syringe of poison and hope nobody notices. This is a giant crime! Rappaport

Deception! Once again, Dr. Roberts, who has come around nicely since the spring, goes through a summary of the numbers and claims that do not add up. This hoax story is getting old and is getting beyond dangerous. PCR


A Heavy Problem


Hoax or Not, Obesity Kills

The CDC reminded Americans, 72% of whom are overweight or obese, that being overweight or obese makes a COVID case much worse. Again, it’s the elderly in bad shape and other people in bad shape who are at risk. However, the fat alone is bad enough. Hundreds of thousands die every year from obesity-related illness – that’s an epidemic. Eat less; move more! MSN


Open Debate?


Trump says no to Debate number 2. That’s just as well considering how the first one went down and given the fact that the 100% biased debate commission set up a “virtual” affair – virtually worthless by any measure. Translation: he knows this one is in the bag. AP

There will be War! After Trump is re-elected, the globopedos will unleash their minions once more for many weeks of violence. A majority of the people even see it coming. Now would be a great time to prepare for massive unrest. USAtoday

So, What Happens? Doug Casey ponders the question on everyone’s mind that no one can answer fully. However this year ends, expect the unexpected – unless, of course, you’re expecting riots, unrest, and war in the streets. InternationalMan


Legacy Food Storage



Someone is watching you! Many of those apps on your phone that make life so easy, also spy on you. Some even engage the phone’s camera or microphone – literally watching you. Now, Apple has a little warning light to alert you. No news about Droids. If in doubt: cover the apertures, foil the phone, or just get rid of it.  SUN


V-shaped Food Shortage. Remember the lie about the economic recovery … from what the virus did(!)? Yeah, so, no. Millions of Amerikans are reliant on food banks! And, next year, those may run out of food. Rest assured, however, that the commercial banking criminals will be okay… ZeroHedge


False Hope Abounds! The Supreme Court will save us! Or, so goes the “thinking” in conservative minds. Here’s a breakdown of the conservative majority that gave us baby murder in 1973. ACB may not be all that – not that it really matters at this very late hour. ChuckBaldwin


Out on Bail! Earlier this year, violent felon George Floyd died of a drug overdose while being arrested for another felony. There were some peaceful protests that killed people, cost Billions, and burned entire cities. Derek Chauvin, railroaded for Floyd’s suicide, has posted a $1 Million bail. Someone is in his corner. Uh, the peaceful protests will continue… NBC


One You DID NOT Hear About in the lamestream media [SIC]. It’s not “White Supremacy” so they don’t care. A Florida teenage girl was almost beaten to death by a violent thug. In related news, I hear Lowes has a sale on rope. WinkNews

You think Mike Wallace’s son will ask about this one? WINK




Demons in Amerika


A Louisiana Priest and two hookers were arrested for filming a porn scene on a church altar. The Bishop has ordered the altar burned, which in the old days, would have been the threesome’s punishment too. Note that one of the strumpets boasted “she was about to ‘defile a house of God’ before going to the encounter.” If you can’t see there is a war between good and evil at this point, then you’re out of touch with reality. RT

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