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It’s October 13, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Lies, Bugs, and Money

  • They want to take our cash. The plan is to replace real (fake fiat) currency with digital trash that the banks and government completely control. The new push is scaring people what you-know-what lurks in the wallet. Bloomberg
  • Meanwhile, a treatment is radically effective against the generally harmless bug. Why have they been sitting on Remdesivir? AJC
  • They do not just sit by, rather perfecting their Orwellian technology, like a new implanted chip from DARPA. They say it will “help,” much I suppose, the way Stalin “helped” so many Russians to the Gulags. OrganicPrepper
  • A chip might be the first step towards transhumanism, which sounds like a satanic nightmare – as it’s best presented. Read the utterly insane rants about AI from an old man well past his prime. Would you like to be a robot’s pet? SUN
  • The real digital currency trash is pumped out by DC and the Fed – at an alarming rate. The federal debt is now larger than the entire economy will only grow. The “hawks” have given up – more conservatives conserving nothing – and joined the Monopoly money club. JUBILEE! CNN

We Didn’t Need Congress to tell us that the family structure is under a terminal attack. Heck, we don’t need them, period. But we do need the nuclear home back and in a hurry. Come to think of it, it was Congress that either caused or allowed the decline. Anti-family law. EndAmDream

For What It’s Worth – probably nothing – North Korea now has a new “monster” ICBM capable of sending multiple warheads to the US mainland. One wonders if that range includes Washington… Reuters

Pic. by Perrin Lovett.


D Before E


Declassification Before Election

Since January of 2017, it has been patently obvious that the deep state was engaged in a coup against the President. Their entire scheme has been exposed as a total lie. Trump has ordered all materials, which tend to show “they” are guilty of the crimes they falsely accused Trump of, declassified. So far, it hasn’t happened. FOX


More Election News


Numerous Officials Committed Felonies, and so far, none of them have been arrested or indicted. Why? And why haven’t some of them been dealt with for what they are: enemy combatants? Mediaite

Other Regular Combatants, i.e. the Taliban, endorse Trump’s re-election. Why? Because he is the only open chance they or we have for foreign peace. The GOP can reject the gesture all they want, but it makes sense. Time to come home. CBS

The Economy should figure into the election formula. No matter how the numbers are manipulated, they paint a portrait of doom. Long-term unemployment is through the roof with no sign of any recovery any time soon. Hint: “the virus” did not do this to us. TheHill

Legacy Food Storage




Civil War in Michigan? The FBI has arrested a band of what I’m calling peaceful protesters for allegedly plotting to kidnap Gov. Whitmer, whose critics have compared her to Hitler and whose own supreme court ruled against her tyranny. No, this probably wasn’t even a crime, let alone a front in our budding war. AP


Shootings at protests, as bad as they are, are not war. A man is dead after some idiotic conflict in Denver. Avoid situations like this. GatewayPundit


But, war is coming. And the election may (or may not be a catalyst). Here’s what a man in the know, a former intel officer finds plausible about our near future. RT


Jef Costello sees it coming too. Read why he thinks war is a near certainty and why he thinks this one will be especially violent. UNZ


War is all around us. The MSM and the globopedos ridicule and deny it, but there is an international war being waged against globopedo. That’s why France just rounded up a large number of suspects in a huge child abuse ring. There’s much more to this story and there are many similar stories much closer to home than we’d like. RT




Setting the Board


It’s almost verboten, but the 1965 Immigration “Reform” Act bears extreme responsibility for the problems raining down on us. It did forever alter the look and character of Old America. TheHill

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