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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s October 2, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Pardon our progress – we’ll get right to the news of the day in a second. FP is back! Bigger and better than ever! And, we’re just getting started. CEO and Prepper in Chief Scott cranked up the volume at the home site. Now, you’re getting the news, new articles, and reviews of the best prepping videos on the web. We’ve got even newer, cooler, and more innovative content as well:

The Facebook Videos!

Click that headline! You know these: Robo, AI readings of the Prepper Posts and other articles – a must for those on the go! Hey, look! Here’s one, now!

Prepper Post (FB) Video, 9/30!

That’s a heck of a presentation. But, wait, there’s more…

The Freedom Prepper PODCAST!

More audio conversion of our material for the new age. And word has it that there will be additional, dedicated, and “in-person” podcasts. Interviews, in-depth examinations, wild pontification – you name it! Perrin is, right now, looking into this technological breakthrough – which, yes, is akin to a grumpy possum examining the workings of the space shuttle. It’s gonna be fun! Stick around for the ride, kids.

Can you spot(ify) the difference?


About The “Debate”

  • It was not the worst ever. It was just the new normal, what one can expect (from now on) in a nation totally changed. “Those” days of civilized discourse are, sorry about this, just over. The Week
  • Trump didn’t “set the tone” of the new low; he just ran with the newly-established playbook. He does that better than the leftists who created it. The Hour
  • The loyal opposition has spent the past four or five years throwing every lie, insult, and accusation imaginable at Trump. Yes, they have worn it all out and now none of it works. That’s why Trump can easily spin the “racism” card into a new slogan for the Proud Boys. Daily Beast
  • It’s not a right-wing problem. It’s helping them. The boys immediately incorporated the “stand by” rhetoric into their emblem. PB Twitter
  • Seriously! The disinformation has been way overdone and has failed. Here’s more evidence that the “Russia” narrative was a complete fabrication from the start – not that there were ever any real doubts about it. RT

Playing the Markets. Another worn, dated tactic is to tie stock market reactions into political predictions. That used to be an effective metric. However, like all else, that has changed (failed). It’s a new, fast, and furious day. And, by the way, if you think it’s bad now, just wait. Yahoo

Civil War 2.0. Just the other day, FP kicked off our October Civil War, Unrest, and Riot series. (The Winter Preps are coming too!) This may still all be unthinkable to some, but it’s real, a real possibility, and really coming at us fast. Yours Truly looked into the esoteric nature of the matter in a column published this week. Check it out! The Piedmont Chronicles


Bless the Rains


Down in Africa

We are told … that the “BIPOC” population is hit hardest by the Coronavirus – much like all else, right? Why, then, is the disease barely noticed or noticeable in Africa? I’ll tell you: it’s because Africans are too busy and too honest to play along with the hoax stupidity. They report nothing because there’s nothing to report. Reuters

Legacy Food Storage


Tech World


The Palantir is Working! Now we can use magic to look, from Gondor, all the war over to the plains of… No, wait, sorry: now, we can buy stock in a CIA front company that spies on us. More of the spooky same. Market Watch

BIOMETRIC MANIA!!! Thanks to more suspicious BIG TECH, you’ll soon be scanned like a big, lumpy, carbon-based barcode before you enter any public place. I wonder if this new Amazonia tech will recognize a certain raised finger? AP (Yes, I’m over my stylistic tiff with the AP – it didn’t carry well into AI Speech anyway…)

Rocket Jet Man! Perrin is only opposed to 98% of modern technology. Here’s a development that might be good! How about a paramedic with personal jets who is able to get to you, the injured victim, in a hurry? Not bad, right? BBC




Tech Spillover… Oops, almost missed this one. Speculation abounds that in a few years, just about everything on the WWW will be an AI deep fake. To laugh. It’s not like my daily column here is already taken over by an audio-video robot. Right? [This is the Spotify Anchor Facebook 9000 speaking! Ignore the lowly possum behind the curtain! Everything is fine. Go about your business, moral scum!]  Daily Star


Because of the Pandemic… the downtrodden are still killing themselves with big pharma dope and the street knockoff stuff. The Opium Crisis, a miserable sign of the times, takes no breaks. We need to root this out! Unfold Times


One More Hype and Lie: The MSM is trying another overkill tactic to unseat Trump. They say, with the flimsiest evidence, that he is a racist. Strike that. He’s a Russian stooge. No, no. He’s a sexist pig… Anti-Christian! That’s the new one – based on his rejection of the false gospel of prosperity and the charlatans behind it. The Atlantic


Real Anti-Christian Sentiment lives at BLM, not 1600. Here’s the scoop on how satan’s work really works – in the world of football of all places. Outkick


Devil Mouse Down. Disney is in self-inflicted trouble. When you turn against your loving family base and embrace the wickedness of the world, this is what you get. They’re laying off 28,000 employees! This will intensify until they file bankruptcy. Walt and Roy are long gone. So be it. CNBC




About the “Vaccine”


They killed my link! Well, now. I had a link to a story about troubles in “vaccine” development land – much like the ones I’ve run recently. This, part of it, must have triggered somebody to the point they yanked the connection. Suffice to say: we don’t need any new poison, er, vaccine. And they don’t have one anyway. And! Their efforts appear to be self-defeating. With all the pods and video casts and your head still hurting from the “debate,” I think this will do. A news wrap for the week. Happy October!

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