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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s October 20, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Cancel the Culture?

  • You know the drill: if you’re a lefty, then you can post anything you like on the socials, true or not, violent or not. Anyone to the right of Chairman Mao, not so much. Once again, FB and the Tweets are blocking news about a certain political family – because it can’t be verified by a unicorn or something. DailyMail
  • Lunacy is the left, especially anywhere close to our colleges. Here, an insane professor makes an interesting admission, along with a healthy dose of projection. Hey, lady, great to know about you, but leave the rest of us out of it. StrategicCulture
  • The Southern Communism Lawlessness Center is changing things! Now, “hate” is only something that heritage Americans are capable of. All others are immune unless they happen to step on the tiny sensibilities of other grievance groups. Left = mad. There’s a map for it. SPLC
  • “Q” is what it is. Maybe you’re amused. Maybe you’re hopeful. Whatever. Trumpy wields this rhetoric like he does all others. In return, the MSM keeps stupidly falling for it. Is that one of those crazy conspiracy theories? Forbes
  • You can’t even publish a book, at Amazon, if you’re not toeing the line. Well, you can – unless you come to their attention. You will come to their attention if you ask the simplest questions about the COVID-Hoax. If you want to sell a book, consider doing it directly to the market. RT

The Supreme Court is Useless. Trust me on that. Anyway, people, especially on the right, love to obsess over it. [ROLLS EYES]. Today, the hot topic is the confirmation of ACB! Last week she said she cried with her children over the “police killing” of George “Big George” Floyd (RIP, BG). I wonder, and none of the “conservative” Senatorial trash thought to ask her, did she also cry with them over the murder of Cannon Hinnant? Oops! I seem to have made up a name that never, ever existed. “My bad.” TheHill

Even the Swedes Are Noticing! That something may be off with all the diversity stuff. A formerly peaceful nation now has hundreds of shootings and hundreds of BOMBINGS! I wonder why??? DailyMail



Fat AND Crazy


Sweet Tooth?

Sugar, in the amounts that Amerikans consume, not only causes obesity, it can also make you crazy. Seriously. A new study finds a connection between the confection and a host of mental illnesses. Cut the carbs! Especially the sugary ones. This is real health advice. StudyFinds


Fake Health…


A Long, Long Time Ago… the HD Boomers gathered as usual in Sturgis. Back then, we heard endless doom about how everyone on Earth would die as a result. Funny, but that just didn’t happen. Yet and still, the MSM and the Faucis of the world are still selling the superspreader hysteria. Hey, they found one guy who says he (he lived to say it, by the way) … that he might have had the Rona and it could have, maybe, sort of come from the rally. Wow! No more public gatherings for us – unless they’re “mostly peaceful” riots, of course. SFGate

And, Could It Be… that most people are naturally immune to the WuFlu as-is? It really seems so, given the very low rate of infection and the next to nonexistent rates of death. Dr. Mercola has a theory! LRC

With all the facts coming out, it’s getting harder to sell the people on the hoax. No, the peeps are not ready to rebel or anything – yet. But, the “experts” are VERY CONCERNED that they might not be able to shoot everyone up with their “vaccines.”  NYPost


Legacy Food Storage



Fantasy From the Fed. According to the elite banking criminals, people who don’t pay taxes really pay the highest rate of taxes. See their convoluted reasoning about it. This sad line of thinking hints at problems much worse than mere economics. But, what would they recommend we do? Cut taxes entirely? (No). Bloomberg


More Guns! In a year of records, we hit another gun sales record. The people are arming like never before. They have many reasons. While it’s great that they are exercising the old 2A, does this necessarily portend well for greater society and the near future? At least some will be ready. Reuters


Here we go again. It’s like there’s an election coming or something! Another GOP Never-Trumper is repeating the same worn mania about The Donald. All this demoralization, or the attempt, tends to indicate that OM will sail to victory next month. WashExaminer


For His Part… Trump never relents. He had the crowds down in Georgia chanting about locking up Crooked Joe. Yeah, that does sound a little familiar, doesn’t it? Which prison is Hilary in again? Anyway … on to victory and congratulations in advance, Mr. President. MSN


If You’re Into Thinking, then it’s high time (past time) to rethink the Enlightenment, which was more of a mass con job than a philosophy. 200 years later, the proof is in, and it just does not work. For the religious, there have always been alternatives. Here’s a story about them. Crisis




You Have No Chance!


And, that’s a great thing. The remarkable Mr. Day made an excellent observation about real versus fake success in the world – particularly as to people who are in it, not of it. “They” won’t let you succeed at their rigged, wicked game, and that failure might be your greatest victory during your short ride on the Big Blue Rock. Take heart, then action! VoxDay

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