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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s October 21, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Noticing Reality

  • Been to the mall lately? If so, then you may have noticed a few more vacant storefronts. That’s because retailer after retailer declares bankruptcy, scales back, or just fades away. And, we’re talking about the big names – JCP, Sears, Pier One, etc. All of that retail space is sitting vacant, bringing us yet another crisis. And, the people who used to work in the stores… Yeah. Politico
  • Part of the unfolding economic calamity was pre-existing; more of it was generated by tyrannical politicians dictating that everyone had to close and stay home. One gym in Poland found a novel way around the mandates that they go out of business: welcome to the Most Holy Church of the Sacred Dumbbell! [Approach may not work in the US, where physical and spiritual health are both frowned upon] MSN
  • The V-shaped thingy never appeared. So, millions of decent Americans are out of work (generally not counted in the rigged stats…), broke, and facing ruin. Many are at the end of their savings. Without a major reset, it may be the end of the road for many. NPR
  • The people who still have the means are buying guns, hoarding food, and moving to the countryside. Why? It’s obvious that they sense something is horribly wrong, getting worse, and they want to avoid the pain of the very near future. Read more, from MikeSynder.
  • Now, don’t you worry! While everyone else rides the economic handbasket to hell, the ultra-rich are cleaning up like never before. Yes, these are the people best connected to the crooked politicians who broke the system and the criminal bankers who drowned it, but I’m sure that mere coincidence. LRC

Have some Kool-Aid! Why, yes, the COVID mania brigade does bear all the hallmarks and characteristics of a cult. They even have snappy uniforms (masks) and a host of mantras – “flatten the curve, invisible enemy, save grandma,” etc. Next, do they get the Jonestown treatment? UNZ

Revolution! 2.0? Here are some fascinating observations, from abroad, about the steady decline of the US. People, more and more, are throwing around the phrase “civil war,” but there well could be an element of revolution mixed in with it. Fun times. JeffThomas


The Masked Men


Mass Mask Deception

Masks are historically worn by bank robbers and Klansmen. Today, they’re the fashion accessory we’re told we just can’t live without – even as the proponents ignore their own research about the ineffectiveness and dangers these diapers present. Why? Who benefits? Not us. PCR


Election Countdown


Thursday, October 22 will (THANK GOD!) bring us the final debate before the big vote. And, wouldn’t you know it – it’s already been rigged. Originally it was supposed to focus on foreign policy. But, after some dubious emails surfaced on a discarded laptop, the focus has changed. Get ready for a great discussion about … climate change – what’s on everyone’s mind, right? NationalPulse

Poll = Lies. I think some of the “reputable” polls have already declared that Biden won by 500% and Trump is going to jail for Russian taxes or something. Do we learn anything? Four years ago, we heard the exact same nonsense from the same suspects, only to see Orange Man crush the competition. History repeats. LRC

Just in Time! Just ahead of the election, the same nuts warn that the “pandemic” will be darkest about the time Americans head to the polls. The same “pandemic” that might affect one out of 1,000 people, with fatalities so low that they have to rig the reports – and it still doesn’t look bad enough. So, more scare tactics.  DailyMail

Legacy Food Storage




None Of It in Nunavut! The huge Canadian Province has zero cases of the dreaded WuFlu. This may have something to do with the extremely low and sparse population – safety in small numbers. Or, it could be that no one has rigged the stats yet. BBC


Getting Serious, Again… in Paris. The French Republic has been under a constant state of emergency for the last five years, all because of the “new French” and their old terroristic ways. Once again, it’s time to clean the house. Macron should admit what the real problem is – and, he’s getting surprisingly close – and be done with it. Done with them. RT


Combat Ready. Sadly, the time for that may be rapidly approaching. As such, or if such, then it would be well to learn what happens during a battle. Here’s a primer and not one for the queasy. Stern content: be warned. OrganicPrepper


War in Taiwan? China is allegedly preparing to invade. If so, then the US should let it be. As-is, we have a few things a little closer to home to worry about. SCMP


An Index of Pensions. Here, they are, the best and the worst from around the world, by country. The US rates a solid “C+,” which kind of casts doubt on the methodology. Worldwide, scores slipped in 2020 – because of what the virus did! Nobody scored an “A,” and the “Bs” are few and far between. Are you planning to retire anytime soon? Bloomberg




Because One Bug Out Bag Won’t Do


Lilly Has Plenty. In this informative 20-minute presentation, Europe’s number one outdoor expert walks through her collection explaining why she has them and what they carry. Whether it’s getting out of Dodge or just hiking the Long Trail, you need and have options. SurvivalLillIyVIDEO


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