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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s October 22, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


More Unrest Predictions

  • Everyone is coming onboard with the position that the US is heading towards a breakup and probably a war. Sad, but true. Even Sean Puff Diddy Daddy Puffy Puffster Combs sees the writing on the wall. Trump’s rapping detractor says something blah blah blah, then a civil war. Yahoo
  • Vasko Kohlmayer sees a revolution that’s already underway. With all the evidence from 2020 alone it’s kind of hard to argue otherwise. LRC
  • Another international perspective, pondering if there is hope for the “US.” I’ll say there is not, which means there is great hope for what comes next. Read about some potential groupings in the conflicts. It’s certainly true that one set is currently sitting around, doing nothing, and fading. Where do you fall? Int’lMan
  • This one is really good: Roosh explains what Christians need to do in order to survive and continue with their higher duties. There’s a lot to do – here’s a great guide. RooshV
  • Part of the problem that did the US in is the lie of diversity. A hard study – some reading, yes – proves this communist concept is a certain weakness, not a strength. It’s a matter of trust. Dinesen, et al.

What’s on the laptop??? It’s a question that the far left has answered (“nothing!”). If there’s something to it, then we’re about to find out. In the past, we’ve found out plenty about similar alleged matters only to see nothing done. Be ready for that possibility. NYPost

There has been a preemptive coverup. That’s well known, as PUBLISHERS like Facebook have moved mountains to keep the story quiet. Here’s a plausible explanation as to why that is. AmThinker


The Outer Angle


How Bad Is It?

Unsubstantiated Accusations, at least unsubstantiated by FP, hold that the pictures and videos are VERY BAD. If this turns out to be true, then please do not partake of any of them, even if they’re redacted. Otherwise, we wait on the truth. NaturalNews


Sickness and Health


Just a little lockdown is just what the doctor ordered in Wales! Take two weeks – without work, play, of life – and things will be fine. All the lockdowns in the prisons work, so there’s that. BBC

Common sense prevention is worth a pound of cure and a ton of hype. This cold and flu season, we’ll probably see all the stats relabeled as you-know-what. Still, there are easy things you can do to avoid common illness. Do them. Accuweather

Legacy Food Storage

Common Cures! Mouthwash kills Rona. Most would have assumed that given all the alcohol in the stuff. Also, baby shampoo works wonders. Parents who’ve fought pinkeye can vouch for that one too. Check your medicine cabinet. StudyFinds





Unrest in Nigeria! Protestors squared off against the government in Lagos, again. How might this spill over to the US? Who knows, but as the above Biden story proves, anything is possible. WSJ


Unrest in China. For kicking out Chinese spies, the US may see Americans in China rounded up. Solution? How about respecting borders and staying where we belong? Reuters


Unrest in Brazil! All over the place, ain’t it? Local militias, who look a lot like the Guardian Angels with guns, have pushed drug gangs out of Rio. Go, militias! Yahoo


Robot Justice! Insane futurists predict that AI will soon take over the judicial process. They say this will speed things up dramatically and “help” all of us innocent people. Every robot sci-fi movie ever made begs to differ. To think that the SHTF EMP we all fear might be the one thing that saves us. DailyStar


And, of course, California is the US jurisdiction forging ahead with this robo-craziness. What could go wrong? [Rhetorical question – get out of CA!] NBC




Goes to … Bill Gates!


Shutting down the entire economy just isn’t enough … to stop the pandemic, er, excuse me, stop the climate change! Bill Gates must have a “vaccine” for that too. If not, then what will stop it, Bill? Depopulation? JustTheNews

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