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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s October 23, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Feeling The Heat

  • The Senate is up for grabs, so says a new estimate. Or, rather, the estimate says the Dems take it. Of course, people are saying a lot right now… 538/2020
  • Your humble FP curmudgeon has mapped out the Presidential possibilities, all favoring the incumbent. Have a look. 2016’s prediction was remarkably accurate. 2020? PL
  • The Forgotten Man is always forgotten by the elites who make the polls and predictions about political matters. He, for his part, does not forget (or forgive) them as easily. 2020 should be a repeat, and again, they just can’t see it. WSJ
  • This may have been the craziest year in modern memory. It’s natural that folks are having difficulty coping. Student journalists in South Carolina are taking two weeks off, during the busy season, in an effort to restore some sanity. They’re not alone. Good luck, kids. TheState
  • Others have seemingly given up on civilization itself. In San Fran, they don’t arrest thieves anymore, so the thieves feel free to help themselves to what they want. As a result, places like Walgreens can’t stay in business and close. This may (or may not) have dire ramifications on normies. Lose drugs today, maybe utilities tomorrow. Welcome to the third world. Zerohedge

A burning ring of fire may encircle Manhattan after the November election. NYC is already in bad shape. Now, smarter Noo Yawkas are preparing to flee the flames. Welcome to the third world! DailyCaller

Fear Not! The elites tell us that none of the violent rioters arrested this year were members of left-wing terror groups! First, who gets arrested at these “peaceful protests” we keep getting lied to about. Second, the memberships… We’re reliably informed that Antifa, etc is an ideology, not an organization. Thus, of course it has no members. Calling BS on this BS. AP


The Laptop


The One the MSM/FB/Socials Want to Disappear…

More information is slowly leaking out though we’re still largely in the dark. The FBI and Delaware State Police have it and confirm it is real. We know there are images on it. And emails. Beyond that … the speculation continues. VoxDay


FP’s Inter-religious Service Hour!


A Rabbi once proclaimed that President Trump was the “first Jewish President!” So, it makes perfect sense that 75% of Jews polled by somebody say they’re voting for … Biden. Okay. JPost

The Ten Commandments! Ms. Barnhardt makes a credible argument that the fear masks of the Branch Covidians violate about eight of Them. I can see Nine and Ten as well. AnnB

It’s Over… We’ve had a good run, but, well, the end is nigh. So says Pat Robertson … again. This time, he has science in his corner. You see, after the re-election of DT, the electoral effect will pull in an asteroid, which will destroy the world in 2025. Or 2035. 2576. Sometime. For real. TheHill

Legacy Food Storage




Nuclear Option. The Pentagram wants (and will get) more fiat to modernize the US nuclear arsenal. Again, with a breakup coming, no one (except FP) asks who gets the nukes after the fact. This could be important later. AP


Global Warming, that deeply concerns Bill Gates(!), is real. That’s why Minnesota just saw record snowfall in mid-October. It’s your fault, really. CBS4


Bribes! US colleges and universities take billions of dollars from foreign corporations and entities, including those from China that may or MAY NOT have our best interest in mind. Best of all, none of the bribe-takers bother to report much of this graft. No! Bestest of allest, the colleges get a load of cash, to heck with national security and integrity. WSJ


Panama Jack might have run a tax haven in Panama. Or not. But, some German attorneys did, for the benefit of the international criminal elite. So, four years after the papers were leaked, Germany got around to indicting the duo. Justice? Yahoo


Serious News, Here. Do not replicate the horrible crimes of a Florida man who assaulted his girlfriend with an assault pumpkin. I hereby call for common sense pumpkin control. Only the police and military need high-capacity seed and innards. The Founders could have never imagined our modern Jack-o-lanterns. Etc. Or, just don’t be stupid – you’re not the Headless (Brainless) Horseman. SmokingGun






Perrin takes a look at the inevitable.

And, unfortunately when I say “war,” this is what I mean:

(Not a riot…)

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