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It’s October 27, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Multiple Conflicts

  • Even the military, such as it is, is beginning to worry about civil breakdown and conflict. Here, the Pentagram ponders the Insurrection Act, ignores Abe Lincoln, and waxes eloquent about some vague “ideas.” MilitaryTimes
  • What’s in a name? The Z-Man looks into civil war, insurrection, and revolution. What interesting timing for all of this. LRC
  • Dr. Roberts mentions another revolution – the robot one. Prepare to kiss all the jobs goodbye as the AI takes over. This is, sadly, no longer science fiction. Have you heard the first Demopublican mention it? PCR
  • A pastor who celebrates the end of nations and society laments the possible end of nation and society under a certain second term. The MSM celebrates. TheWeek
  • Pizzagate is real or fake depending on what the media is spinning. They’re starting to lament the attacks of Hunter Biden (and, by extension, his father). Images and videos are already out that cast some shadows. More allegedly is about to drop that will make them give it up and drop the whole thing off in the memory hole. Again, no matter the level of redaction, do not look at any of this filth. NBC

Middle Class Money Problems. The middle class has them. Something like 74% of the not-rich are experiencing difficulty these days. There is nothing v-shaped in sight. EndAmDream

But, these people … are cleaning up, pandemic, v-shapes, or not. Here are ten billionaires who have become even richer in the past four years. Forbes


A Killing


A Sad Book Recommendation

Things are going as they are … so it might pay to become familiar with even the darker aspects of our new normal. On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society by Dave Grossman is a book about what the title describes. Another of the costs of mixing war and society. Amazon




The Public “Schools” Lived to Test – until the “pandemic” ended the charade. Now, there is great speculation about continuing end of course testing, which largely measures systemic failure. Even if the process goes forward, they may not be able to reach all of the kids who are at home. AJC

Diversity or Excellence. In a school or a society, you can pick one. The best public high school in the country, which might stand a chance of being half-way decent, faces that choice. They will pick the cherished concept of diversity, and slide into oblivion with the rest. TJ weeps. AmRen

It’s Not “The Left,” coming for Christian schools. Rod D. is correct that the schools are under attack, but it’s by the enemies of Jesus. The courts (and the rest of the government) are not the last line of defense. We are. AMConservative


Legacy Food Storage



Sanctions Not Working. DC loves economic sanctions when it can’t bomb people directly. Sometimes, they used to work. No more. A ban on Iranian oil in Syria is toothless, thanks to a couple of Russian destroyers. USNI


Down With Civilization! England was built by and for White Christians. Some were famous enough to have statues erected. Those are coming down now, at least in Leeds, because there’s no more respect for the people or the past. We will always have England? Breitbart


Small Business is the Backbone of Europe, just as in America. Now, half of those small businesses, employing a majority of the workforce may go bankrupt because of the corrupt, debt-based fake economy … excuse me, because of the virus. ZeroHedge


There Goes Santa Claus! There Goes Santa Claus! If you want to see Saint Nick at Macy’s (while there still is a Macy’s), then forget it. Because of the “pandemic” and his inability to socially distance, Santa is banned this year. There’s a good chance he’s gone for good. It’s a shame he didn’t relabel his operation as a “peaceful protest” – those are exempt, you know. FOX5


Down With Everything! Like a giant SJW vacuum cleaner, Big Tech is swallowing our culture. Apple acquired the Peanuts cartoon empire – and immediately decided to end six decades of holiday viewing bliss. Look for a new “classic” soon: A Charlie Brown Diversity Wiccan Solstice…  VoxDay






The 1978 Horror “Classic” came to life, the end of last century, with the killer bees, which were all hype and no problem. Now, after everything 2020 has given us, it’s the murder hornets. They’re in Washington State and WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!! Well, no, it turns out they can be tracked and eradicated pretty easily. And, just like the previous swarm, here’s betting there as harmless unless you’re a fat wolf spider. Nat’lGeographic


Winter is Coming…

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