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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s October 29, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


It appears … that FP is back in the very good graces of the SJW brigade at YouTube! Murder Hornets are, after all, real. But come to think of it, is it not a little over-the-top to call them “murder” hornets? Has one been convicted or something? How about “homicide-suspect hornets?” Eh, well…

AND! Speaking of videos, look for a change or two, here, soon.

Life, Work, and Voting in the “New Normal”

  • With no v-shaped thing in sight, Americans continue to grapple with economic pain. Some expect, or demand, another round of stimulus from the Fed or the feds. That’s a lot like a junkie demanding another hit. A LOT like that. AP
  • Oops. A prize-winning economist admits he made some substantial mistakes in understanding the importance of global trade. One wonders if he will next come around to the mistakes embedded in the rest of globalism. VoxDay
  • As part of our “new normal” pain, cities keep imposing curfews. The businesses allowed to stay open are subject to the craziest rules. It’s like Jordan Peterson is in charge: “Clean your gym!” FOX5
  • Many of those who are still working are working from home. This is maxing out the internet, which was becoming slow enough as it was. For now, this beats smoke signals – barely. WSJ
  • Folks are also Zooming! They go to fake meetings online wherein they really meet with nobody. Therefore, it is strange that many are seeking cosmetic surgery so they look better on the video calls. Fake meeting, fake nose? Ladders

The Election is Upon Us! And the police are poised to attempt to maintain order at the polls. In Texas, the Governor has even called out the National Guard. Let’s hope there’s nothing for them to do… MySA

Here’s a Problem: Some see the police as protection from voter intimidation. However, others see them as the intimidation. A quandary of democracy that recalls a few Mencken quotes… WSJ


The Euro Connection


Old World, Same Problems

A new set of lockdowns has people in multiple countries seething in the streets. Thus, the lockdowns are having an inverse effect, no? Riots broke out in Naples, among other places, where people are sick of being told what to do and how to live. ArmstrongEcon


More Unrest


Also in Italy, in Trieste, the cops have joined in with the folks in the streets. Watch the short, happy video showing all the solidarity. One hopes this will meet with the approval of our new tech kommissars. AnnB

Legacy Food Storage

France has been invaded by a different kind of virus. President Macron is showing surprising resolve in the dealings with this deadly threat. For his trouble, he’s being condemned and demonized. Let’s hope, for the sake of France and all the West, that he does not back down. RT

Warnings went out from Paris to French people worldwide, including at home, to exercise additional caution in response to the terrorist attacks (not the cartoons). How about this? How about warning the terrorists and invaders that it is time they took the precaution of halting their campaigns and heading home? Warn them! Reuters


Just saying…



Philly, City of Brotherly Unrest. Yes, another armed criminal met with a predictable demise from the cops. And, predictably, more criminals came out of the woodwork in one of those “peaceful protests.” This is getting a little old. ABC


The “New Normal” is stressing the college kids. It must be very hard and confusing to suffer communist indoctrination and crushing student loan debt from a masked social distance. Kids, maybe try skipping the “experience.”  AP


The K-12 “Schools” are imploding. Just when one thinks they can’t get any crazier they do. And, trust me, this is in your public “schools,” now. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s because they’re either hiding the schemes or haven’t found the right launch moment. HOMESCHOOL! UNZ


Justice! We have a new one, as ACB is confirmed and sworn in by Clarence Thomas. We’re saved now… Breitbart


Winter, Again, Is Coming! If you’re looking at a wood stove to beat the chills, then here’s a great guide for getting what you need and understanding how the heating option works. NorthlineExpress




Sugar can be bad. Artificial “sugar” is terrible.


Just say no! To the poisonous effects of fake sweeteners. We’ve known these problems exist for decades. It’s not-so-sweet, all the issues associated with the chemicals that don’t even help diets. Just use the real stuff – a little less of it! CNN

Fake! Pic. by Perrin.

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