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Prepper Post 10/6/20


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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s October 6, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


The Whatever-Shaped Recovery

  • There’s hope! Some financial history suggests that a bad September on Wall Street, like the one we just experienced, can lead to a great October! Of course, it could lead to an all-out collapse and crash. We’re about to find out which. MarketWatch
  • Manipulative histories aside, we have never seen such an era as this, with such artificially low interest rates. This policy of … whatever the Fed is trying to do is going to have serious consequences. In fact, it already is. HChron
  • Beware the Banks! Something is up, down, or just not right about America’s lending institutions. Economists and ordinary observers are noticing patterns that are most likely headed towards severe depression and a financial (and/or monetary) collapse. VoxDay
  • As the Fed prints fake money as never before, Congress enjoys the side-effects of the “Mandrake Mechanism,” running up the national debt like never before and as never previously imagined possible. We owe it to ourselves! Yuck, yuck! NextGov
  • One really can’t make this stuff up. Here’s a reminder of the “Cartel” – their in-house word – that landed JP Morgan Chase the largest fine ever, and which would have landed you or me in jail. Economist

During the Last Great Depression the entertainment industry did very well, as downtrodden poor people sought relief from life at the movies. In this Age of the Hoax, that isn’t an option. So the theaters close – temporarily, for now, and maybe permanently a little later on. WSJ

It Is Different: This economic collapse from the others… Thanks to the utter failings of the usury-based, anti-human system of corporatism, er, I mean … because of what the virus did(!), the suffering is extremely disproportionate. The rich take free fake money from the Fed and the rats in Congress while everyone else faces a sullen life of masks without movies – or any money. TheHour


No Hope In Dope!


This Isn’t A Solution!

No, people can’t laugh in the theater anymore. Today, more than ever, poorer Americans turn to booze and drugs to take their sad minds off of the new abnormal. This, coupled with growing obesity, is killing us – more and worse than any virus. Clean it up! NYT


The Virus Rolls On…


Where Did It Come From? Nothing about this “pandemic” makes any sense, least of all the various origin lies we’ve been told. It was not “bat soup.” It wasn’t bad fish. It wasn’t a fishy bat. They’ve kind of gotten away from the Chinese accident/attack angle. As “deaths” give way to “cases!!!,” the source search evaporates. Here, Dr. Roberts asks the hard questions, and he looks into the highly plausible theory (shared by Ron Unz and me) that this was a US biowarfare scenario run amuck. PCR

Images… We don’t have them. For all this babbling about “!science!” there is a notable lack of imagery from an electron or atomic microscope of the COVID-19. What they based their statistical models on could be any Coronavirus, some other virus, or something else entirely. Nothing adds up. LRC

A Plot to Kill Trump? I do not think so, but here’s a somewhat interesting theory about the novel treatment the President is undergoing and alarmed concerns about the safety thereof. It is important to note that the first patient in this unapproved experiment is the POTUS. It’s odd, though in the last Twitter (always, always Twitter) feed, 45 looked pretty good – he’s even riding around and waving… Rappaport




Mother Russia is as strong as ever, militarily. While the US armed forces flirt with high heels and stop SEALS from calling themselves men, the Bear fields a fully modernized military. This is worth the read: MSN


It May Have Been a mistake to lump Hero Kyle Rittenhouse in with nebulous, non-existent “White supremacists.” His acquittal is a sure bet, and his lawyers are preparing to strike hard at those who slander him – like Joe Biden.  RT


Someone Tell Them There’s a Plague! Or “Boogaloos!” Or systemic oppression or whatnot! Another invading hoarder has set out – with fanfare – from Central America towards the wall-less US southern border. One hopes they at least wear masks. AJC


Masked Custody… Add the Hoax to the list of made-up factors that government judges use when destroying families through the ruse of divorce court and “family” law. A Florida judge declared a proud, normal, maskless woman to be “one of those anti-mask people!’ The judge sounds like one of “those” people. This story is rife with people caring little to nothing about the best interest of the child – who inches towards the age of self-determination and even emancipation under Florida law. Here’s wishing him well, poor kid. OrlandoSentinel


Good News, Freedom Lovers, and Sane People! The Michigan Supreme Court has put the breaks on Dictator Whitmer’s endless emergency due to the you-know-what. Imagine that: a court that looks into authority when the government abuses it! MLive




Don’t Bring a Bicycle to an SUV Fight


Burn Loot Murder and Antifa terrorists have been known to use bike troops to carry out their attacks. Is that what recently happened in NYC? We don’t know; however, we do know that a bike is no match for an Infiniti SUV. Here, for whatever reason, the driver made short work of the cyclists. FP will soon run an article on surviving a riot in your car. Let this story foreshadow the “ramming through” aspect. PS: Fortunately, no one was terribly injured. NYPost

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