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It’s October 8, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.



  • Trump is back in the White House, surprise, surprise. At least he’s pushing the right message: don’t fear the virus. If an overweight, older man can handle it, most of us could too. Yahoo
  • It’s a tiny, light virus – of course, it floats in the air! How is this news? CNBC
  • Shock! The virus doesn’t know to stop floating in the air at six feet! This “revelation” is old news – six months ago, the same idiots speculated that the bug could easily transmit up to 26 or 27 feet in the open air. What does this matter to people in magical masks? They’re just grasping at straws. AJC
  • The “debate” – even Corona picked Trump over Biden. Yuck! Yuck! Pat Buchanan takes a look at ten days that changed the presidency and possibly the election. Taki
  • Pandemic. Civil War. And winter is coming too! FP is on this compounding trend right now. Yet, of course, we’re behind the ball, behind the ever-awesome Samantha Biggers. She tells us what comes next. SamanthaBiggers

She Goes Low… Michelle O, who previously bragged about her civility, takes the lowest road in her support of Creepy Joe. Once again, condemning the Proud Boys aside, Trump is – and you’ve probably never heard this word before – a “racist.” [yawns] Mediaite

UNcivil War. This one is different. It’s the first in the US wide-scale application of 4th Generation Warfare tactics. And it comes when the country is already weakened almost unto death. This will not remain limited to ARs and riots for long. LRC


Never Quit!


Inspiration From The G.O.A.T.

The NFL is practically dead, but Tom Brady is far from it. After a rocky start at his new home in Tampa Bay, he’s on fire again, once more the comeback (43-year-old) kid. Five touchdowns. And 43 is 430 in football years. I don’t think the “magic” will carry to TB, without Adams, et al from Beantown, but this is still impressive. CBS4Boston


MOAR Election!


Stocks Predict What? Here’s a story about a rising (temporarily) DOW equals a Biden win. There’s another story out today that suggests the opposite. [yawns again] YahooFin

Hey! Did you Catch that “Debate?” The Veeps, that is? I did not, thank God. But, based on the nothingness of this year, I can just imagine how much fun it was. [tires of yawning] NBC

It Will Be Hell, regardless of who wins. Here are some stories from the streets about what Americans fear and about what they’re doing in anticipation of the certainty of the uncertainty. You have plans, right? DNYUZ


Legacy Food Storage



How About Another Storm? Just when you thought the fall was safe, TS Delta comes calling. Gulf Coast watch out – as always. Weather


Shut It Down! US intel agencies have covered up and lied to Congress about hoaxes that resemble coups and treason. As a result, some are threatening to cut funding, reorganize or eliminate the agencies. That’s exactly what they should do, if not at all what will happen. WashExaminer


Guilty! Matteo Salvini, aka Santa Matteo, has been hauled into an Italian court, accused of harming poor foreign invaders who were intent on destroying Italy and Europe. For his part, Matteo – not the usual US conservative – pleads guilty of defending his nation and his people. Rock on! And, arrest the judges and prosecutors… EuroNews


Supersonic! The Concord is a thing of the past and current aircraft builders are dying slowly but surely. Except for the new guys, who are about to give us a prototype of a new plane that could cut travel times in half. Fly the speedy sky! Bloomberg


Lawfare! Good news rarely comes from American (or German) courts. However, a network of decent attorneys has taken up the civil litigation mantle against the Hoax! They’re suing Big Pharma for its role in propelling the fear, insanity, and police-state measures related to you-know-what. PCR




Watch This!


This video won’t be allowed on YouTube for long!

Reiner Fuellmich / YT

Some of us immediately noticed the Gerry Spence(!!!) book on the shelf! Fight!

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