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It’s Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


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We knew, going into this mess, that things would become heated regardless of the outcome. As of now, we’re still waiting on the fallout. Stand by and stand ready! It may be a day or a week or more before we really know how Antifa, BLM, the courts, and the media are going to handle this one. Here’s Perrin’s plan: tomorrow, Thursday, there are some (blessed) non-political items to clean up. Then, on Friday, when we know a little more, I’ll be back in – via the Video-Cast – with more surely heated national coverage. Today, the prepping goes on…


  • Coming to America – they’re not. A record number of US citizens have moved out this year, and it’s only November. Read more about why they left and where they went. If that was you, then for Pete’s sake, remember to be a good guest in your new homeland. PRNewsWire
  • People are moving domestically as well. They’re leaving the big cities in droves and heading to the suburbs, the small towns, and the hinterlands. Places like Bozeman, MT are seeing a general boom. If you live out there (good on ya!), then please be mindful of the newcomers. I assume most mean well, though some will bring their ways … and their problems with them. AltNewsCoin
  • Thank the Lord that the 2020 madness is over, right? Still, here is a most interesting article about how the whole show just is not that important anymore. It is arguable that we haven’t had an independent election, White House, or nation in decades. Learn more: UNZ.
  • Two HUGE issues remain in the US, regardless of what the Rs and Ds do for us (or TO us). They are mass, uncontrolled migration, and debt. Look at the chart in the following linked article. All the big-ticket prices have soared since 1952 while, at the same time, your income has been cut in half (accounting for inflation). Less money + higher prices = WHAT? VoxDay
  • I missed this one at the end of last week, but sadly, it’s still relevant – maybe more so AFTER the election. Nationwide, we’re on high alert – and we all know why. Emergency measures and arming for battle portend not so well for a peaceful near future in the exceptional nation. More, with MikeSnyder.
  • CENSORSHIP, 2020. It’s everywhere, as you know. As an aside, FP has gotten past (I think) the issues we just had with FB! It seems that one of the prepper elves personally offended the head Zuckerbot or something. We’re still on. But, over at Saturday Night Live, which used to be a funny show, things didn’t go so well for some host whom I’ve never heard of. His election joke – it was a JOKE on a COMEDY SHOW! – ruffled the features of the tiny, ever-offended birdies of the SJW world. (What would these people say about 1975’s Word Association skit?!? Remember that? Pryor and Chase?) RT

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