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It’s November 5, 2020

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Remember, remember the Fifth of November!

Guy Fawkes, the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions…

  • Europe certainly remembers the terrorism – because it just does not stop. Another city and another attack. This time, Monday (doing catch-up today), it was Vienna, Austria. You’ve certainly seen or read the news as-is. Just know that as usual, the attacker(s) were known in advance to the authorities. In fact, one of them – names really don’t matter in a war – had just been RELEASED FROM PRISON, for terrorism. And, everyone is “shocked?” How? SUN
  • Here’s another link on the ongoing war against the West. Find, here, numerous pictures (which look a lot like all those from the other attacks). You’ll also read quotes from various leaders, who are doing a terrible job of leading. DailyMail
  • I said I wasn’t going to link to a certain video. So, here’s a link to the link. And, you get Vox Day’s commentary. If you watch the footage – and it’s not pleasant – you’ll get a reminder of why situational awareness and ACTION (like running) is critical in a gun battle. VoxDay
  • After the election, in the insane year of 2020, Pat Buchanan, who knows a thing or two, ponders whether we can bring this country back together. I would say, “no.” The better option is to accept reality and prepare to build a new and better tomorrow. TakiMag
  • They’re playing loose and fast with the economy. A watchdog group again reveals the sad truth about the US mega-banks. Despite all the free or cheap fake, debt-based “money” thrown at them, they’re still in about the same shape they were in back in 2008. Only a reset will solve these problems. MSN
  • In today’s video/podcast presentation I ramble eloquently about something I mentioned the other day – the debt situation in the US. Rather than relink to the old article, here’s the CPI inflation calculator! You can compare and contrast any price or amount of money across any two years. Have fun! CPI

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  • Tear it down! Jeff Epstein’s house in Palm Beach is under the wrecking ball. For reasons I briefly covered in the video, that’s a good and a necessary thing. Read more. WSJ
  • Just before the election, con artist Marianne Williamson was saying more of her same old, same old. I wrote a blog post about this, about her, and about one of her earlier books I read. Read her statements into the “Crystal Ball” – not kidding, TheHill, and then read what I thought about it. 
  • I almost forgot this part: the Vienna terrorist, previously known to the authorities, even announced his attack (allegedly) on social media! They’re not even trying to hide anymore. SUN
  • More on the reset and the reckoning. David Stockman explains, again, why the demise of the economy is independent of any R or D in Washington. LRC







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