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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s June 30, 2020

2020, the strangest year in memory, is half over. Thank God, right?

Here’s what you need to know.


Quantitative Easing Towards Gomorrah

  • Trillions upon trillions of fake, debt-based dollars continue to flow from the Federal Reserve. Is their insane spending the “reckless experiment?” Or, should that label apply to the creation of the Fed itself? The Hill
  • Where, next? Where do we go? Here are three options, none too pleasant. I call number three the most likely and realistic. Unz
  • What about that V-shaped recovery thing?! Yeah, so that’s not happening. The IMF keeps repeating the warnings about some sort of global economic crisis. Odd. It seems like there was someone saying the same thing a while ago. The Hill
  • Facebook finally did something (or, failed to do something) and has finally offended the mob. As such, a growing list of companies – like Coca-Cola – are rushing to look “woke.” No socials?! Have a Woke and a frown. CNBC
  • The list of boycotting corporations grows and grows. See if you’re boycotting one of the boycotters. Gee, this is becoming rather confusing. WSJ

Some Companies Won’t Survive The Wokathon. Take Barnes & Noble (please!), who is marching straight down the Borders path to bookseller cemetery. That will leave readers with Amazon and indies, like Castalia, from: Vox Day

Cities Are Closing Up Too, or, at least, they’re preparing to close their police departments. The morons on the Minneapolis City Council took the big plunge! Look out for crashing property prices and surging violent crime. Star-Tribune




The Nanny-Police Will Still Harass You!

Not all of the cops are going away – just the ones who stop literal violent crimes. You and your wrongthink, freedom criminal ways, are another subject. Eric P. explains what’s been lost and what losses are to come. EPAutos


Crime And Punishment


Legacy Food Storage

If you’re elderly (or not) and you get an email from Africa – or from someone you don’t know, just assume it’s a scam. Don’t be like the older gentleman who got arrested in Spain for being a dope mule. Seriously, don’t do that. AP

You can’t shoot someone in the face with a shotgun and walk free – unless you’re Dick Cheney. Now – get this – Old Dead Eye and his family command (maybe at shotgun point?) all of us wear masks. SHUT UP, Dick! CNN

“Real” crime time: Another day, and another worthless thug sucker-punches another privileged Karen in the face. Also, like the last one(s), in NYC. PS: A happy note: they apprehended the last thug for knocking the other “Karen” into the fire hydrant. TheSun




Pastors and Doctors, oh my! Rev. Baldwin has the scoop on the COVID-demise of two important professions, one his own. Hopefully, this is not universal. LRC


First wave, second wave, thirty-third wave. The [virus] is dragging on, as is the economic collapse and the general chaos. So it is that our pharmaceutical supply is barely hanging on. If you’re on pills, this might affect you. ABCnews


Back to the Pastors for a second: The Bishop of Cuckerbury says that Jesus is a “racist.” Rev. Baldwin, I don’t think there’s hope for this one, sorry. He’s taken Sean King’s advice to his flock. What are we coming to??? Mirror


Good grief! The “racists” are coming out of the woodwork. In addition to our Lord and Savior, Aunt Pancake, the Cereal Elves, US Grant, and everyone to the right of Che Guevara … no, he was a “racist” too … now, we can add in The Duke! Not sure about this personally… I’ve seen a lot of John Wayne movies and I can’t recall him ever acting like BLM, Sean King, or Trader Karens. Odd. Yahoo


The great news is that, aside from all the KKK members (Byrd, etc) and sympathizers (Northam), one will not find “racists” in the DNC. Joe Biden, who once bragged about taking a chain to a black man, a “real bad dude,” is slated to pick a woman as his VP. (He’s running for President, if you didn’t know). 3 of his 4 top picks are black women – no pandering whatsoever. What would Corn Pop do? The Week




Mask Trader Joe’s


To the liberals and the mass mania media, any deviation from the narrative or any semblance of normalcy, makes you a nut. If you’re a woman, then you’re also a “Karen.” See how one “Karen,” in CA, went “nuts” after trying to mind her own business like an ordinary human being. The nerve. TMZ

You tell ‘em, Girl!

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