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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s July 3, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Why So Angry?

  • Some have noticed that in this wondrous year of 2020 people are a tad unhinged. You can read more about this eternal mystery. I mean, what could have possibly happened to cause any concern??? Chron-Wa-Po
  • Things have been sliding for some time now, if we’re honest. Even if we’re not it’s hard to deny that the [virus] has shown a little light on what might appear to be a … decline in the land of the free. Yahoo
  • Indeed, there is overwhelming and still growing evidence that the USA is collapsing. However, all is not lost, even as PCR suggests. There will still be civilization even after the fact. See the success of Europe after the fall of Rome. PCR
  • The anger and violence manifested itself in St. Louis where a group of Catholic activists was attacked in a vicious hate crime. I’m sure the MSM has been covering it. Something about trading a cloak for a sword. LibertarianRepublic
  • In Provo, just trying to drive home will get you shot by the BLM-Antifa “peaceful protesters,” who, to me, increasingly look like an invading army that needs to be utterly destroyed. InfoWars


States are (again) banning travel in Covid-landia. How will this last this time. And, will these restrictions apply evenly to the Soros Rent-a-mobs? My guess is “no.” FOX5

“Justice” for the unjust? Protecting violent mobs? I kind of called this the other day. The lawyers in MO who defended their neighborhood from the rabble, using guns like real Americans – are now under investigation. It’s not your grandfather’s America, kids. NYPost


Chicken Fauci Never Gives Up


Can We Make 2.2 Million Dead???

The good doctor has heart, we have to give him that. And he might (might…) be right about 100,000 new cases per day. But, as-is, why is it that we seem – the healthy among us – to be doing fine even after the sky fell? Or, wait … is he rooting for the 100K? Axios


The SCIENCE of the Mask


The conventional “wisdom” in the new abnormal is that everyone should wear a mask everywhere – forever. Yet, there are numerous risks associated with long-term usage. Why don’t the talking heads and hypers mention these? SOTT

Legacy Food Storage

In Puerto Rico – part of greater US, remember – they not only require masks but also test proof of non-infection. At least, they do so for those arriving at the airport. Can we count on this spreading to the mainland? FOX5NY

More science – not the popular kind, either – out of Switzerland indicates that herd immunity very likely has established itself in most affected populations. Therefore, why not just concentrate the efforts on those who are positive and sick and leave the rest alone? LRC




Remember George Floyd? The guy whose alleged murder started the civil war? It seems that he died of … severe heart disease and a lethal Fentanyl overdose. WIth the facts out, now, I’m sure the mob will apologise and go home. SCRIBD


More and more places are making it a crime to not wear the Halloween masks of fear. Miami Beach is the latest but will not be the last. MSN


If you think there’s something 1984-ish about the new abnormal, you’re not alone. It’s not your imagination. We’re being outfitted with slave uniforms. Got yours? EPAutos


The FedGov lies to you about everything, not just the masks. The latest Russia lunacy, about Afghanistan is already falling apart. The lapdog media is changing the narrative – they’ll do it again until they can’t push the lie anymore, at which point the story will give way to the next one. RT


Oh, no!! We may soon lose a national treasure. Given the election in November or whatever, little Adam Schiff is threatening to depart for Canada. This may sound callous towards the Canadians, but, Adam, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. And, take some friends when you go! JustTheNews




Coming Clean on Climate


A scientist and former global hoaxing scare-monger comes clean and apologies for the past 30 years of misinformation. This is huge and we should thank this man. He shines some light on what his former colleagues are really after – and it is not a clean, cool world. Read this! EnvironmentalProgress

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