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It’s October 1, 2020

Here’s what you need to know. (Yes, It’s already October…)


Medical Matters Matter

  • Oops! Sometimes truth comes from the most unlikely sources – governments, the media, even comic books. A comic plot from a few years ago is very close to the Corona-Hoax situation. They even say “vaccine,” with quotes like I use. Naturally, some of the usual suspects are a little worried. VoxDay
  • The airlines of the Western World are collapsing … because of what the virus did! In an emergency move, they resorted to the truth: exposing the less than 1% chance of catching the WuFlu on their sky buses. And, that stat isn’t limited to planes. MSN
  • Why the mass military involvement in Operation Death Star or whatever they call the (real-life) “vaccine” effort?! Big Pharma and Big Bomb working for us? And, this isn’t a comic book… StatNews
  • The “vaccine” scheme is nothing new. Have you ever heard of the “Act of ‘86?” Neither had I. Thanks to Dr. Mercola for digging this up. LRC
  • How about real, simple cures for real diseases? Cancer is a terrible problem and the “cures” are often very harmful. Here’s good news, that the MSM is ignoring, about an easy and effective potential cancer treatment. RT

Back in Hoax-Land… With so many stories out there, I didn’t really make hay out of the woman attacked at the football game by the COVID-SS. I did not know, though I should have suspected, that she was attacked for not wearing a fear mask BY a thug not wearing a fear mask. More evil than ironic. ActivistPost

Medical, Masked, Criminal, Fire – Pick your emergency: Just don’t expect anyone to answer when you call. Another computer glitch and a 911 system fails. This is all of that computer age “help” we were promised. SELF. RELIANCE. SUN


‘The Dogma Lives Loudly…’


The Bigotry and Hatred of Dianne Feinstein

Amy Barrett is up for the Supreme Court, facing Senate confirmation. The last time she was in this position, three years ago, a certain fake American Senator had some choice words for her – words that spoke more of the evil in the Senator than to the fitness of the nominee. Remember this? Yes, it makes one wish Dan White had gone for a trifecta that night long ago. CNA

Ranking Member of Rankest Evil. C-SPAN…


Evil on the Move


“Conspiracy Theory,” is what the liars of the world call any attempt to expose the truth. The works of overt satanists are, for instance, just mere conspiracy thrust out by lunatics. So, the news out of North Carolina is obviously fake: this tale of a blood-writing, machete-wielding satanist attacking a sorority must be a hoax. [ROLLS EYES] CharlotteObserver

“Love is Love” is another Lie They Tell as part of the plan to convince normies that degenerates are really better people than anyone else. So, why would two lesbians hack up this man in Portugal? Must be the TeeVee influence… NYPost

International Sex Trafficking likewise does not exist, or so the people behind it lie. So, when evidence suggests Hunter Biden was involved in such sordid schemes in Eastern Europe, that must also be fake news. CollectiveEvolution

Legacy Food Storage




More Fires in California. More deaths, more destruction, and even vineyards under attack. Won’t someone think of the wine?! ap


Food Shortages in Central America show us just how bad socialism and systemic mismanagement of a financialized economy … excuse me, show us how bad THE VIRUS is. It’s bad. Pay attention. Bloomberg


The Computer Age! It was supposed to be so great. Instead, as yet another failure makes clear, it turns out to be one giant never-ending glitch. As you read or watch this on a computer… CNN


Stolen Information, itself proof of a felony, shows that the Trump 2016 campaign sought to minimize the effects of demographics 95% certain not to vote for him. This, in 2020 desperation, is news. Forbes


The First Debate. Thank God it’s behind us, right? The hopes were so low for this stellar meeting of the political titans. Did you learn anything? I mean other than not to watch reality TeeVee? A simple breakdown says it all: VoxDay.




Preparing … For Marriage


Feminists Hate Women and Civilization. Jennifer Bryson has three myths the harpies float to dupe unsuspecting women. And she offers sound advice for a happy life – marriage and family. Young men, there’s inverse equal advice in this for you. CRISIS

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