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It’s October 14, 2020

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Who Do You Trust?

  • If there’s anyone we can turn to in times of crisis, it’s the super-rich. I mean, it’s not like they set up a system at our expense and for their gain. This time, however, one of them gets it right: “normal” is a long way away. MarketWatch
  • Faith in !science! – which is mostly unverifiable fancy anymore – is collapsing in our new, exciting age. And, why not? TheHour
  • What the !science! says is increasingly at odds with the truth. Take the CDC. In May they said masks are dangerous but wear them anyway. They admitted they cannot isolate the virus (proving it exists) and that their “Death Count” is off by a factor of 20. Now, back to the masks, they admit that 70.6% of people who get the unidentified virus got it while “always” wearing the dangerous masks that the CDC said to wear. Trustworthy? AnnB
  • Again, the CDC… More off-base predictions of more deaths … from the bug they can’t put under a microscope. Wild speculation and fear-monger are more like it. DailyMail
  • All of 2020 has ramifications. Remember when i used to say “keep an eye on Venezuela?” I meant that the US could experience similar disasters. Now, the parallels are easier to see. Take a gander. OrganicPrepper


Secession? I thought that was settled “science” since 1865. Now, the same left that scoffed at the idea pushes it. Very banana republic like. LRC

Seven Predictions! Tyler Durden takes a look at some trends for the end of 2020. Whatever happens, the craziness will continue. ZeroHedge


Out of the Blue!


You’ve Got Mail!

Clinton emails, that is. Trump ordered the mass declassification, which the DOJ sat on. So, for their part, the State Department has released a heap of Hilary’s old emails. Is there enough to lock her up? US Dept. State.


Dejection 2020


Guns are Big in Prepperland, so I thought it wise to look at what Joey B plans to do in re the 2A if he’s elected. You know, it’s about what I thought it would be. Biden2020

The Guns Were Out at the Michigan state capitol earlier this year – and nothing happened. So, in light of the arrest of the “peaceful protesters” who protested the Governor’s excessive tyranny and so forth, some wonder if the capitol could withstand what it already withstood. Stand back. Stand by… LansingSJ

1A Under Attack Too… In loony leftopia, “don’t tread on me” is a White Supremacist threat, especially when it comes from an Asian. 2020: the year the reality left us. DailyCaller

Legacy Food Storage




Gun Fun in Denver! Antifa or not – and who knows? – the Denver “security” shooter was not licensed and should not have been working the detail nor armed in the doing. If he is Antifa, then it’s okay – just an ideology and etc… RT


No More Cash! The Bank of Japan is piling on with the Western criminals to steal the last of the value from the economy with digital currency. The masses will love this move – because they’ll be told too and because it’ll be billed as “convenient.” Gold or bust. LRC


Where Do You Go? It’s a new list of the 20 best cities in America – with a link to 80 more. Some of these are fine, but the list is suspect. Many are already hotspots for trouble. Others suffer from 1965-ish demographic changes. Others just have a hippie feel. Well, at least they’re not NYC, LA, or Chicago. MarketWatch


Have We Already Surrendered? With literal barbarians crashing the gates, why is it that so many in the West have simply given up the fight, really before it even starts? This is moderately important if one values civilization. PCR


Nothing Has Been Worse than the assault on education, the K-12s and the colleges. Here’s another look at the cancer, concentrating on the university madness. Homeschool! LRC




Rise of the Machines


You’ll be happy to know there’s a new electric vehicle on the market! No, you can’t buy it. It’s the new Textron M5 hybrid tank! And, it is a robot, a robot that may come creeping up to your house any night now… ZeroHedge


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