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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s October 16, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Lies, Statistics, and Viruses

  • From New York to London, they’re celebrating the second wave of 2020 insanity! Maybe “celebrating” isn’t the word. But, the numbers, as we’re told, suggest a surge in CASES! What if, like all the figures before them, these new numbers are also bogus? GlobalResearch
  • Here’s even more doubt cast on the reliability of all things COVID: It’s not properly identified, nor is the metric for allegedly measuring it. Huh?? Rappaport
  • Could it be that Dear Dr. Chicken Little is playing some role set for him by the BIG PHARMA cartel? Yeah, probably… RedState
  • The Fine Print. A world-first as a woman becomes the first to die from a second Corona infection. And, she was only 89. Any death is terrible, but there is a defined average age of death in general and 89 is above it. I’m surprised they even print the giveaways like that; maybe they assume no one will read past the headline? I did. MetroUK
  • With the second obfuscation wave in effect and a riotous election around the corner, people (smart people) are preparing once again for unrest and shortages. Not a bad idea, folks. MSN/USAToday

Work in the PJs! As part of the “new normal,” something like 90% of office workers would rather just keep working from home. This assumes that their jobs – wherever executed – will last. RT

Child Abuse: The very smal and utterly retarded losers on one South Carolina government school board decreed that kids will be punished – beyond being confined in the concentration camp schools – for daring to bare their faces the way people have forever. The nerve of these wayward children! HOMESCHOOL, or suffer rank abuse from pathetic morons. Aiken Standard


They’re Scared


Take a Look at This:

Is Congress Admitting Something??? Protesting a bit too much. These wild theories have a way of becoming fact. Qanon!



Dejection 2020


Oh, Mittens, No! Old, predictable Mitt is lamenting the rancor that he helped create, blaming it, naturally, on Trump. Mitt: SHUT UP! NBC

Purple Piedmont? The GOP has, for years, deluded itself that, if it acts really, really, nice, then minorities will vote for it. They’re about to, again, find out how that works out in North Carolina. Probably Georgia, too. Some other states. My prediction: the delusion shall endure! Yahoo

Election Hoax? Why not? Everything else is a rigged game. John Whitehead explains why this election is more heads they win, tales we lose. LRC

Legacy Food Storage




Flight of the Zircon! Russia just tested a very impressive hypersonic carrier-killing missile. Mach 8 is kind of quick. Here’s hoping this is a “mostly peaceful” super weapon. RT

Russian Min. Def.


Digging Deep at the US-MEX border. A wall would be a great thing, if only someone would build one. But, then there are the miles of tunnels under the surface. How about a wall with seismic sensors??? LMTonline


26% Unemployment! That’s the real, literal rate in the US. How is that v-shape thing, again? Not. Too. Good. Axios


Really Late-Term Abortion: The Netherlands discovere, to the collective horror, that their satanic laws only allow for killing babies and adults. So, they’re pushing to amend it to include all the kids in between. This is evil, pure evil. NYPost


Math Under Attack! SJW lunatics have ruined just about everything academic. The only safe haven was the math department, thought to be universally truth-based and immune. No more. Now, they’re moving the same fuzzy thinking into addition and division, this subtracting from education and diving us further. CampusReform




Deep Fakes


It’s Real If It’s On The Screen! Right? No. We’re at the edge of AI that can create realistic fake people to deliver whatever message the programmers want. Is the technology itself the problem? You are, right now, listening to this from a robot. Deep what? SUN

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