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COVID-19 Completely Cured The Flu???

  • No, they do not. Another blatant falsehood from the MSM about the “pandemic.” Total deaths do not exceed the estimates, even as all of the numbers floating around are rigged. The charade continues. In a second, we’ll show you a newly published set of fantasy figures. Yahoo
  • When nothing is certain in life, people become more vulnerable in general. A Priest in the Philippines sees a major uptick in demonic possessions due to the shadows cast on hearts and minds by the pandemic. CanadianInquirer
  • From demons of hell to lies from hell: a Pastor notices several deceptions. And he speculates about the “whys” behind them. ChuckBaldwinLive
  • Now that they’ve established that everyone should wear a fear mask everywhere and at all times, in order to beat the WuFlu, what’s to stop them from demanding the same for all flu and cold ailments? It’s coming. Eric Peters sees it. EPAutos
  • The French noted, very early on, that smokers do not get the Corona bug, this likely had something to do with smoke toxicity – it’s too strong for the little virus. Now, surprise, surprise, Big Pharma is harnessing the power of … tobacco plants to drive their “vaccines.” NPR

Flu, Begone! Here are some shady numbers and graphs to brighten your Monday. Someone has noticed, as Ann Barnhardt reports, that the WHO – arbiter of all things health – has decreed that there have been next to no flu cases since April! Are we saved? Or, is this an example of nefarious re-labeling? They wouldn’t do that, would they? Okay, yeah, that has to be what’s going on… AnnB

Look at the other graphs too – it’s a miracle! WHO via PBS.

And, whatever you do … if you’re a journalism professor teaching a class about propaganda, do not point out the possible propaganda of the above. If you do, then you’re in for a big dose of more propaganda from the university. Maybe a firing too. UNZ


Usury is Evil


How Much Do You Owe?

The average American owes $90K! Here’s a breakdown of how much people owe by generations. This is the personal price of the total financialization of the entire economy. We’re a nation of slaves, working to pay off a tiny class of criminal sinners. Imagine if all of this worthless, baseless, fake-money debt was erased. The assets behind the void usurious loans would remain, thus enriching the people who possess them. The banksters could always go to prison. CNBC


The Collapse Will Not Be Pretty


A New History Survey found that “free” societies and governments come apart much harder and more painful than authoritarian regimes. Our former nation started as more free than most, only to degenerate, now facing a calamity of rare proportion. DailyMail

Here’s the Study: It makes sense, as people already living under tyranny are used to it and ready to get past it as fast as possible. On the other hand, “exceptional” and deluded nations – not mentioning anyone here – slowly descend into chaos and suffer much more during a breakup or reset. Frontiers

Vox Day’s Take: “But as America’s government was once both very good and managed to disperse wealth and power to a historically unprecedented degree, this study suggests that the coming breakdown is going to be more intense than even the most pessimistic observer tends to anticipate.” That about says it. And, it makes the chance of war in our near future so much more probable. VoxPopoli

Legacy Food Storage




The New “French” certainly make things interesting, to say the least. In Paris, a suburb, a most-peaceful terrorist beheaded a school teacher before being dispatched by the police. Situational. Awareness. Always. DailyMail


So Glad She Left! In a heartwarming essay, a rootless cosmopolitan misfit explains why she’s happy she left the horrible USA for France. I’m sure she must be mildly upset about the previous story, especially about the police shooting the mostly-peaceful, new-French, vibrant-migrant terrorist. She’s also big on healthcare and climate something! What a loss for us. TheAtlantic


No Crime, No Charge. The crazy “French” woman in the last bit made mention of disliking white people and guns … or something, it was so sad about her departure it was hard to keep track. Anyway, I’d imagine she’s no fan of our hero, Kyle Rittenhouse. Good guy Kyle will not face firearms charges in Illinois, as so firearms law “experts” declared because he committed no crime there. Odd, I don’t remember him committing any crimes anywhere. One little step towards acquittal and justice! AP


The Fed and Congress have, over the past thirteen months, given Lord-knows how many trillions of fake dollars to the Wall Street casinos. Yet and still, insiders place the blame for insidious over-valuation at the feet of the young and the stupid. Yes, this is as flimsy as the Corona “curing” the seasonal flu. CNBC


The House, Divided: Even the American people, not ordinarily known for a firm grasp on reality, have noticed something is off in their strained country. Many or most of them see major problems, including the failure of democracy. Democracy might as well be defined by its ultimate potential to fail, but that would confuse the many or the most of them. Rest assured, when SHTF, these same people will say they never saw it coming. We did. AP




Censoring Celente


Big Tech Clamps Down. They’re all doing it, not just Twitter and Farcebook. Today, Gerald Celente exposes actions at Linkedin to silence his opinions. And, wait until you hear what he was saying in the first place. He calls for peace and prosperity, which makes him a bully? This keeps happening, which places all the socials in the “publisher” category, which means they should lose any legal protection for their antics. In the interim, they should also lose their users. Hint, hint. VIDEO

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