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  • More losses were recorded on Wall Street, and in various international markets, allegedly on continuing fears of the … pandemic. Could it be that prices are off because the entire economy is teetering on the brink of a total meltdown? Either way, it’s a casino-based roller coaster ride! CNBC
  • Coming ASAP: another new world monetary disorder! The central banks, their Bank for International Settlements masters, and their political lackeys have long dreamed of a totally controlled, manipulated, and confined economy. They’re pushing right ahead with a digital currency, which will quickly become the only one that’s “legal,” and which will allow them the unfettered ability to control all value, all wealth, and all behavior. It’s “slavery” by another name. ActivistPost
  • The elites already exert tremendous control over our lives. NYC’s Bill De Blasio, who cheered his own daughter’s criminal BLM activities and who turned New York into a wasteland, wants his slaves, er, his citizens to remain locked up for Thanksgiving. He’s the real turkey. FOX5
  • The intersection of viral stupidity and political foolishness: Your vote counts! But, only if you wear a mask at the poll. If you don’t, then you go to jail. Vote suppression much? CBS13
  • Fear of being locked up may keep some voters away. Here’s a list of reasons why many Americans do not vote. Some are great, others less so. The best reason for not voting in our current climate is an objection to assisting evil. The lesser of two evils, you know, is still evil. 538


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More Stories Worth Talking About:

The Polls! Yes, they’re wrong. We know they are rigged – emails from a certain laptop prove it. Now, even the crooks at the MSM are admitting the ridiculous imbalance and inaccuracy. Yet, they still delusionally insist the fakery only makes their globo position that much stronger. These people are going to need medication next week. NBC

All roads these days – politics, news, medicine, etc – lead to fear. And, the elites use fear to dominate and control. Here’s a great rundown on how and why. Mercola

Some are beginning to rebel. All across Europe, a continent under new police state lockdowns, the people are in the streets, protesting angrily. From England to Italy to Spain and beyond there’s a renewed interest in a little thing called freedom. Good. DailyMail

The “Mom Code.” There’s a resistance brewing in the Facebook soccer mom set. Kids are virtually immune to the you-know-what. So, why fuss over them and wreck all life for nothing? A great point. But, so much of the focus is on continuing the public “schools” as normal – meaning as total failures – and much of the current runs through Facebook, known enemy territory. The moms are mad, but let’s hope they channel it appropriately. NYPost

Lies and lunacy from the New York Times. Maybe a laugh too, just to round out the alliteration. Here, the usual suspects babbel on and on about this and that diversity and democracy. They’re not stupid, they just assume you are. They’re wicked. Don’t forget this. NYT

The nuts almost got the last word, but that is reserved for something important for next week. Here it is:


Legacy Food Storage



The Electoral College

(Three words, really…)


Indirect “Democracy.” I’ll be going off-script for this one, so please consult this handy guide to the history and process of the College at Infogalactic.

2016 Electoral Map from IG.

Wake up!

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