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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s November 10, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


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Associated Presstitutes Election Coverage!

  • Not how it works! Perrin has more in today’s video – with the US Constitution!!! The AP, the DNC, and even the CIA do not decide our elections. If they do, then we have terminal problems…

! Remember that?

  • More on the fraud. I swear there was a link to some Gwinnett County, GA voter … issues, but Vox seems to have pulled it. Perrin discusses it anyway in today’s news. Read more about the mounting evidence: Vox Day
  • Biden’s plans: they’re underway! Even though no one (outside the AP) has certified his “win.” Big doings! Read more – AP.
  • I mean really BIG DOINGS! Most of it by executive order. Here’s a starter list of what he plans to do and to repeal. HChron
  • Is the NWO coming back together? They’d like to think so. Assorted world leaders look forward to the Biden Administration and the end of “American Isolationism” Yeah, about that… MSN/WaPo
  • Not so fast! Trump is also steaming ahead with his second term plans – as he’s contesting the results of last week and no real call has been or can be made at this point. The NWO shutters. Politico

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

  • He should, if he gets the chance, immediately get rid of Jared! Here’s a semi-funny article about where we stand and how a certain son-in-law helped get us here. Brad Griffin on the backfire that was sure to happen. UNZ

OTHER kinds of fraud … all around the world.

  • The investigation – like they really needed on! – says that the PPP program was laced with fraud. Really? I could have told them that. In fact, I did. WSJ
  • Poland: the Germans (with American help) are invading you again! You know that. First, it was Antifa. Poland, having beaten off the Nazis and the Commies needs no help in fighting fascism. Then came BLM! To … Poland… Now, the forces of hell are raising hell to impose baby murder on the sane, beautiful, Christian nation. Fight the Filth! CrisisMag
  • Britons: you’d better have a really good and “reasonable excuse” – if you want to leave the house. This is no better than the Blitz and makes less than half the sense… Breitbart
  • 16 for 209. California: some good electoral news! The voters resoundingly defeated a measure to institute racial discrimination – in 2020. Progressive… SacBee






Out of the way, Fauci! You’ve been replaced by another “medical professional.” A must watch video, from the CDC? No, not quite. Read more at Global Research.

Dr. Grover, YT…

Todays! Prepper Post News has been brought to you by: The US CONSTITUTION! *May not be valid in your country.* And by the numbers Sixty and Nine…

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