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It’s November 9, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


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I am keenly aware that, even as I was drafting this post and filming the concurrent video, that Joseph Biden and his media pets were declaring victory. They do not determine or certify elections results or winners. This is still a contested toss-up, which may drag on until the end of the year. I am still standing by my (reserved) previous predictions. The US Supreme Court is already involved, which is really strange considering the NY Times’s “Dewey Biden Defeats” Headline:

Really? Pic from Carlos Slim’s Blog, 11/8/2020.


Paperclips, Buffoons, Corpses, and Cameras … all the news…

  • Pepe Escobar pretends – or, does he?? – about a simulation more than an election. What if this charade was just that, a game played by the powers that be? If it’s satire, then it’s hilarious. If it’s real, then??? UNZ
  • There has already been much more revealed, or plausibly alleged, concerning what looks like MASSIVE FRAUD in the 2020 election. But, here, on Nov. 5th, Dr. Roberts did a great job of putting together some of the worst offenses. There is a reason why the MSM is trying so hard to cover this news up. And, if all of this pans into reality, what should we do? For starters, we should be patient and await the various challenges now unfolding. PCR
  • Just a glitch! Nothing to see here folks! Listen to Mitt Romney: there is no support whatsoever for any of these allegations of fraud. Pay no attention to the Michigan clerks who say their counting computers miscounted thousands of votes in 47 counties – all in favor of one particular candidate. Everything is fine. Zerohedge
  • If you’re on Team Trump, then take heart. Steve Bannon, of all people, makes the convincing case that Trump won and will be vindicated shortly. War Room/GAB
  • Bannon also used some rather stiff rhetoric concerning a few swamp critters. A deterrent, huh? SUN

War Room / Gab

There’s More:

  • Congratulations to the most forward-thinking voters of Oklahoma! There are firsts, and then there are queer, Black, Muslim, nonbinary, criminal activist, hijab-wearing, barrier-breaking firsts! They went an’ elected a nonbinary seven labels long. About as high as a cowboy can’t go wrong! MSM

Freedom Roasters Coffee! Featuring Binary Beans: whole or ground!

  • 1,000,000 tons is a lot of anything – especially contaminated nuclear wastewater. That is what was just released from the doomed Fukushima power plant in Japan. It’s just Plutonium, I’m sure the Ocean and all of us are perfectly safe. More to come, too! And, thank goodness so many of our “leaders” are talking about this, right? GlobalResearch
  • Another “radioactive” topic in ‘Murica is education! Critical race theory, whatever that is, dictates that the very last bits of merit be driven from the public schools. You see, once we get rid of all the gifted kids, and no one can read or add, then we will finally all be equal – equally uneducated and downtrodden and easily-manipulated. Spell it with me, now – H. O. M. E. S. C. H. O. O. L. RealClearInvestigations
  • There’s no hope in dope. Then again, there was never much hope in America’s drug war. The voters nationwide appear to have had enough. Listen or watch, today, as Perrin probes what might be behind the usage of narcotics in the first place. Reason
  • War on drugs. War on terrorism. War on privacy and freedom. Ring! It’s the cops – looking at you. The police in Jackson, MS, and surely elsewhere, want to survey your home’s doorstep via the camera in your doorbell. They say you can opt-out. Do you believe them? Vice

More Still…

  • Eat better and be healthier. That’s simple, right? New !science! may prove it, at least according to average teenager height worldwide. Is there more? Of course, but the food angle is probably part of the equation. SKY
  • Coffee. What can’t it do? In the right amounts, it boosts the brain. Read all about the !science! behind it. Ladders
  • Dilbert … well, lazy old Wally, was on this coffee trip even before the study hit. Have a laugh!






America just suffered another election, if you weren’t aware. And, as usual, the choices we had for “leadership,” may have missed the Biblical mark for true and just service to the people. Here, now (from Nov. 1), is Pastor Chuck Baldwin with more: a comparison and a clarion call!

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