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Financial Sorcery Breaks The Crystal Ball

  • Yes, major banks are in horrible shape and could easily collapse. It has nothing to do with any virus other than the one associated with the Federal Reserve. Technically, they should have collapsed years ago. The Atlantic
  • Steve Mnuchin is a creature of Goldman Sachs. Naturally, he’s afraid of a financial collapse, which is why he advocates more of the “stimulus” that caused the problems in the first place. We pay for his advice. Bloomberg
  • We’re going to keep paying. The federal debt hit another new record – other $26 TRILLION. The money will never be repaid, but that doesn’t mean we won’t suffer for it anyway – after it hits 30, 40, ??? Trillion. CNS News
  • The [virus!] has caused the greatest financial upheaval in some 150 years. This according to the charlatans at the World Bank, a globalist outfit where they know the truth but would prefer if you did not. Yahoo
  • Are you a retired government pensioner? If so, maybe now is the time to build other investments. By some measures, your pension may dry up in a mere eight years. ZeroHedge

Is This More Evidence that people were murdered to cook the books for the Corona numbers?! Allegedly, patients in NYC, who did not need ventilation, were hooked up anyway with the intended or consequential aspect of dying – without help from a virus. Ann Barnhardt

Immunity From Viral Infection is possible, either as a result of surviving an attack or by just being impervious in the first place. The question is how do you or we know who is and is not “immune.” And, given the murky nature of the [virus], this is already a challenging subject. Read on at – The Guardian


No Fuel, No Crops


What can we learn from Venezuela, now?

Socialism is more than financial failure. It’s also a high risk of famine, in an otherwise food-rich country. Learn about what could possibly be in Amerika’s exciting near future. Prepare accordingly. Yahoo! Finance


A Society Gone Utterly Insane


Everything is now “racist.” Got that, you racist? When a people become divorced from intelligence, morality, and history, this is what happens – mobs attack anyone and everything. Just because. Because they’re crazy. And dangerous. Paul Craig Roberts

We were reliably informed that secession was settled (violently) around 1865. Now, the mobs of Seattle have carved out their own little dirty section of the city – and no-one is doing a thing to stop them. Is this what they call “mob rights?” NBC “News”

The leftist mobs have put together an app of a map that showcases all of the history that they intend to destroy – worldwide, not just in the US. In case you were wondering, this has nothing to do with race, justice, and anything else but a desire to bring down civilization. Fast Company

Legacy Food Storage




Antifa got the blame for much of the recent street violence. But, now that there are criminal cases in progress, the evidence is a little lacking. Lesson: don’t always believe the hype; when things are already bad, there is no reason to invent a boogeyman. Reuters


If you really need a hobgoblin, then go big – and look to the government that has real experience doing terrible things. The CIA has a handbook for national destabilization. Oddly enough, it looks a lot like what’s happening on our streets today. Coincidence? David Knight (VIDEO)


Speaking of plans and agencies, why are so many law enforcement outfits racing to buy more James Bond spy gadgets? Meet the Crossbow. It’s not a weapon preppers would use. In fact, you may not like it at all. TechRadar


The common criminals are taking a page from Big Brother. According to the FBI, hackers are trying to weasel into your online banking apps. If they get in, guess what they do? The Hill


Slightly larger common criminals sometimes turn to their political friends when the heat is on. Big Tech is fighting hard to avoid being dismantled under dozens of state and federal antitrust investigations. Could our Silicon masters really think they’re above the law? My bet would be “yes.” Stamford Advocate




30 Cities For Life After

the plandemic. Read the methodology behind the rankings. Note that none of the cities on the list are huge. Also, none are very small towns. Do your research before you move. Business Insider

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