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It’s June 19, 2020

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New Normal Economy Really “Cleaning Up”

  • Jay Powell appeared before Congress via a tele-link, like some TeeVee game show wizard. As usual, most of what he said was meaningless, except that he does foresee uncertainty – significant uncertainty. Whee. Yahoo!
  • One thing that is certain is that 18.6% of the real estate listings in Minneapolis have come online in the past week. Prices might be affected by the glut. Are real estate agents behind the riots? FactsnotFiction
  • Also certain is the corruption in DC. “Your” Congress-critters took some of the small business bailout cash that they passed for themselves. Vote harder! Politico
  • The bailout ball still bounces around Wall Street, with the Fed now playing permanent(?) sugar daddy to the dying industries and their banks. Reuters
  • But!!! Retail sales soared in May! The best news ever – unless you consider that everyone is out of work and in debt to the hilt. Bubble, bubble, debt is trouble. AP

We’ve known for years that Farcebook is bad news, but now we really know why. It has nothing to do with the spying, censorship, and misinformation. No, Facebook is racist. Get off now! WSJ

The Homeschool Advantage Has Become Crystal Clear. Here, OP again hits on the how-tos of this wonderful and growing trend. Homeschool or die! Organic Prepper


Public School = Weird Troubles


What’s In A Teachers “Retreat”?

The founder of Netflix is building a public school teachers’ retreat in an effort to signal something. In your area, wherever it is, you’ve no doubt read about some funny business between a certain teacher(s) and student(s). Netflix was investigated (briefly) for running a South American film featuring most questionable underaged content… Might these developments be linked in some way?  Vox (not Day…)


No Justice, No Civilization


The NM mob attacked a man. He defended himself. Now, of course, he’s the one in jail. The cops – who everyone wanted defunded (ACAB) – are criticized for something. Not good. AP

Legacy Food Storage

Google continues to crack down on the truth and any dissent from the SJW narrative, canning two news outlets- one of which we sometimes link to – from the great ad program. Here, it’s reported by an approved news outlet: NBC “News”

The Saker ponders the nature of this latest “color revolution.” It has nothing to do with justice, race, or the truth. Something else and someone else is at work. Who??? What? Unz




Genetics is a murky science and gene editing is hit and miss at best. So, when doctors play God with human embryos, things can and do go awry. Read more: The Week


A Berkeley professor (yes) dissents from the riotous BLM narrative. He does this anonymously so as to keep his job. Learn more – without Google ads – at: ZeroHedge


If you’re 92 and like to walk, then watch out for thugs like this. Anybody know of any reason why we need this lowlife in society? DailyCaller


“Misdeeds” in the Argentine Church. According to the “conservative” Supreme Court, this is not a firing offense, protected actually. What’s the big (flaming) deal?  AP


And, will the world gone utterly mad, now the kind airlines are banning the soothing effects of alcohol. Insult to injury, friends. Another reason to never fly commercial. CNN




A Cozy Relationship


A week or so ago, it came out that the medical publishing industry was lying about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine. Now, despite the truth being known, the CDC acts on the flawed studies. Why? Mark Miller. Also, with masks… American Thinker

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