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The Never-ending Hoax…

  • Ann Barnhardt is on fire, earning the two top spots in our news briefing today. Here, she introduces Flock Worker’s Lung – yet another malady caused by the sacred face diapers that somehow we managed to live without for 5,000 years. It’s a must-read. AnnB
  • This one is also about the training burka and very important. “Your” government, the FDA included, lives to regulate everything under the Sun (and, if they could, they’d hit it too). Yet, for some utterly inexplicable reason, they have done nothing in regards to the strange, pitiful hodgepodge of face diapers people can’t live without (after doing so since the dawn of time). Isn’t it odd? Or … telling? AnnB
  • Some are fascinated with the coming “vaccine,” and despite the existing FDA inaction, imagine that the agency will control or approve any such poisonous cocktail. The usual suspects and the pollsters are baffled that a slim majority of Americans aren’t over the moon about the prospects of getting the magic Gates fix. Some folks dared to mention that the thing comes off as “rushed.” Odd, right? Axios
  • We know the stats: 200,000,000,000,000,000+ innocent souls lost to the worst disease in human history. Okay, but there is one very real casualty: freedom. Read here about the loss of liberty, in the name of the hoax, in formerly free places. There is, when one thinks about it, an authoritarian air to this madness. Reason
  • The global economy was in dire trouble before the WuFlu emerged – especially in the fading US. The hoax presented a magnificent cover for that pre-existing condition. Still, lockdowns and more have only made matters worse. There has been no real recovery, but still, the usual suspects amazingly agree that it is slowing. What was that about a V-shaped thing??? WSJ

Missing the Point: Here’s a liberal political view of the current malaise gripping Amerika. Yes, there is a problem; no, this isn’t it. It’s the fear, not the clowns in office or the lies about “200,000 dead.” At least they sense a problem. LOL? TheWeek

Nailing It! Rev. Baldwin understands what’s a stake. And, he isn’t afraid (no fear!) to state the true and obvious. He is correct: Amerika is a wreck because otherwise decent Christians (and others) have abandoned faith and fallen for fear. If you have a while, click the link to his humorous, if podium-pounding sermon. CBLive


Evil Hates Beauty

I’m not even sure this one is still an issue (for right now), but recently, the Banshee Moon YT channel came under attack by SJWs over racy content. We haven’t run a BM video in a while, here, and, while there is a bit of … fun there, it is decent and good. Watch Exoman’s frustration and realize that what they’re up against are angry, wicked people who just can’t stand the good, the true, and the beautiful (like Farm Girl beautiful). Good luck, guys! Maybe try Unauthorized? BansheeMoon



Records We Could Do Without


Debt Fever!!! US federal spending and borrowing has – surprise, surprise – hit new, unbelievable records this year! And this year ain’t over yet… A $3T deficit in a $6T budget. If you can remember back to the ancient times when men with names like Carter and Reagan wrestled with the idea of a one-trillion dollar (total) debt, then this will either sound depressing or hilarious. Both? But, hey, we owe it to ourselves! [snicker, snicker] CNSNews

Ihr KampfDuring this joyous year or perfect normalcy, more than half of the families in New York, LA, Chicago, and Houston reported struggling just to get by. (Lack of income + bills and debt)(financialization + global disarray) / hoax = MISERY. Show these people the “V” for the recovery and they might show you theirs for vendetta. TheWeek

It Can’t End Well. Though it will end. Charles Hugh Smith argues, most convincingly, that we are in the near-irreversible late stages of collapse. He says not to pin hope on an “exciting” cataclysm, but rather, to embrace the long, slow dissolution. We have some fun financial graphs, but also some Johnny Paycheck lyrics. OfTwoMinds




Smarts = Faith. That’s the takeaway from a new study of human cognition. In short: faster thinkers are more likely to believe in God. (Don’t tell your smart atheist friends). UPI


Legacy Food Storage

Blame Who? This one may upset those who get “news” from the teevee, but China just bestowed its highest award on a medical expert who is convinced the WuFlu didn’t originate in Wu-landia. There is science and stuff to back this up, but, you know, facts are so 2019. See: Breitbart. Ron Unz, as we’ve reported here earlier, has been all over the “into, not out of China” theory this year. He was even at it again last week: UNZ


Love Letter From HAL 9000: One of the evil killer AI bots that wants to exterminate humanity, allegedly freehand wrote an essay about how, though it hates us and wants us dead, we have nothing to fear. Someone please pull the plug before this thing runs for office! Guardian


West Coast Burning. The fires are raging in California and in Oregon, where half a million people fled for their lives. (We have numerous reports of Antifa commies setting fires, but rest assured, the deeply compromised FBI says reality isn’t real). Regardless of the source, a wildfire is a menace you do not want to face. If you’re in a high-risk burn area, then start thinking about fire-proofing your property (it can be done) and also about exit strategies. All this from the very small ap, an outlet without any discernible history or culture. 


No Fans League. Glory be! The NFL season of 2020 is upon us, as unwanted as any other calamity from this bizarrest of years. With social justice and anti-American hatred running wild on and off the field, it’s no wonder the viewership is tanking. This story reports a 12% drop, though others speculate it could be nearly twice as high. False flag on the play; league is ejected for unnecessary communism. Can the XFL do better? Vinny??? Deadline




Netflix is Satanic


Nearly everyone I know watches something on the “hot” streaming service. On my increasingly infrequent ventures among the people, about half of the time a friend will rave about this or that show or movie. I get it: it’s entertainment. But, at what cost? A few years ago, Netflix openly, notoriously, and without facing prosecution ran an Argentinian flick featuring overt child molestation. Perhaps spurred by that success, they now present “Cuties,” a French film about eleven-year-old girls simulating sex acts – I understand this is literally the whole point of the movie. I have nothing to link to, here, because many of the news stories house video snippets that you don’t need to watch. You also don’t need to support an enemy that hates you, your children, and your nations. We may not get the chance to properly apply the millstone, but we can, individually, cancel this damned poison.

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