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It’s September 15, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Fire, Fear, and Revolution

  • The Left Coast keeps burning. Here’s a report from Oregon about the devastation. Forest lost, lives taken, people missing, communities in ashes. If you’re looking for a new home or bug-out location, then take into consideration all the factors that can lead to tragedies like this. And remember, most dwellings can, to some extent, be fire-proofed. Look it up. And pray for rain. CBS4
  • The Dream is Over. George Carlin had a joke about the American Dream being something that you had to be asleep to believe. They’re (perhaps you’re) facing something similar in the Golden State. As with anything, there are reasons behind the changes and decline. Will anyone learn anything? HChron
  • We’re Learning Who Covers For Antifa… Multiple reports are coming in that our beloved anarcho-commies are helping keep the fires burning. We know they love to torch urban structures – when they’re not assassinating people, raping children, or attacking teenagers. 4GW might dictate they take their pyromania to the woods, no? Yet and still, LEOs are being sanctioned for warning people about the dangers. Why? OPB
  • The FBI Too? In so many cases, the feds jump in, crime or not, wanted or not, right or not. Yet, in the case of the fire-starters, the FBI immediately assures us that no Antifa “members” are responsible. Crazy conspiracy theories, etc. This reminds me of the Satanic Panic of the 1980s, the liberal finger-wagging and calls of tin foil stupidity, only to have the FBI quietly release a massive dossier showing the entire thing was real – and really covered up. History repeats, you know? HermistonHerald
  • Cutting the BS. We’ve been lied to before. If you’re having trouble deciphering the statements and misdirections of the usual suspects, then take a lesson from an expert in anti-SJWism: VoxDay.

Color Revolution. Yes! This entire BLM-Antifa assault on America looks a WHOLE LOT like something lifted from the CIA’s nefarious playbooks. We’ve been saying as much the entire time. Here, Dr. Roberts does an excellent job summarizing the similarities, the endless tactics, and even the motivations behind this obvious coup attempt. PCR

More Shots Fired! Maybe the special agents in charge can clear up the confusion, but it looks a lot like a thug tried to murder to LA Sheriff’s deputies. They’re in the hospital, where a gang of “peaceful protesters” tried to get in, chanting “we hope they die!” I don’t normally trust thugs, but these I do. KTLA

Hey, kids! Any minute now, we’ll be dropping a new article on staying alive in the worst winter weather. Don’t be left out in the cold.


The 2020 Checklist


Are You Ready?

We love checklists around here, posting various editions from time to time. Now, our new prepper on the scene, Eric Peters, offers more very good advice for preparing for the continuation of Corona-mania. The next phase is around the corner and things are heating up. Now would be a great time to get some things in order. Now, not later. EPAutos


The Medical Wars


Remember Hydroxychloroquine? The old drug with new uses against the WuFlu? It turns out that only something like .5% of “victims” possibly even needed it. But, if they did, then they did. It was safe and effective, so it had to be silenced and ridiculed. The usual suspects included the government, the media, and the … pharmaceutical industry. Gilead played a larger role than most are aware of. Learn more about the insidious mess. NaturalNews

On With the Vaccine!!! So what if all usual protocols are tossed out the window? So what if this “vaccine” isn’t needed at all? So what about the liability waivers and the military involvement? So what about some trial-related mystery disease? Who cares? There’s a hoax to propagate and the show must go on. Rest assured, it will. Yahoo!

Out of Africa. Also, kindly forget about the previous voodoo experiments in places like Africa which crippled and killed vast multitudes of poor people. Yes, the Gates Foundation and the UN may be responsible for giving Polio to a bunch of children, but the globalists have an agenda to implement. Helpful hint of the day: if a satanist offers you a needle, politely decline it. ZeroHedge




Legacy Food Storage

Explaining the Stock Market. Companies are out of business and in bankruptcy. Yet the value of their shares rises like never before. Who? What’s behind this? The short answer is financial sorcery. Here’s why the markets no longer bear any relation to the economy. TheHour


Mr. Bubble Does Economics! Recall, if you can, the housing bubble from early in this saddening century. It was papered over and is now worse than ever. Cometh the great default! Mortgages, residential and commercial, and leases are teetering on the brink of disaster. Guess who stands to pick up the scraps of actual value left in the wake? Just guess… TheHill


The USSA. It’s not pure communism we’re facing – more of an amalgam of the worst policies ever devised. Still, Tom Sunic makes good sense of the looming collapse and offers advice on coming out the other side more or less intact. UNZ


Good News!!! Recent polling indicates many Americans may be returning to their senses! Farmers are important. Period. Often looked down upon by the elites, they’re the people who keep the rest of us alive. They’re back at the top of the list of most respected industries – where they belong. Sporting entertainment is collapsed back to where it belongs. The FedGov ranks dead last. Hope? Gallup


Just So You Know. I call it a hoax but I do not write off the effects of COVID-19 on the very few who may suffer from it. Here’s a new medical study: and “stochastic” means random or randomized, friends. You’re welcome. They think the bug first manifests itself as a fever, followed by other symptoms. Should you heat up, take heed: “…most likely to experience symptoms in the order of fever, cough, nausea/vomiting, then diarrhea…” Get tested or see your doctor if you are at risk.  The Study, in Frontiers.


THE LAST WORD (and Funny!)


Some Inconvenient (for “Them”) Corona Stats



“I was gonna tell a joke about CoronaScam, but then I realized 99.5% of you wouldn’t get it.”

The numbers don’t add up!


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