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Playing With Fire

  • The government and the media – who have never, ever lied to us about anything… – are lying about Antifa NOT committing arson in Oregon. Someone is. And, thanks to “catch and release” craziness, one of the same Antifa terrorists alleged arsonists got to repeatedly set more fires within hours of his first arrest. What a crazy conspiracy theory, right? NYPost
  • Even the Board of Commissioners in Clackamas County, Oregon get it. Here’s a partial transcript of their meeting and a link to a recorded Zoom emergency conference. It almost sounds like some of them are concerned about protecting the terrorist arsonists, with the National Guard, from armed locals. Watch this! VoxDay
  • More often than not, conspiracy “theory” turns out to be conspiracy fact, later becoming known as history. A Secretary at HHS dropped some bombshells about “conspiracies,” unrest, and violent danger all over the place. Hype, or warning? DNYUZ
  • Regardless of who might be behind the documented arson in Oregon and California, the fires are substantial and historic. Here are some startling facts about how bad this situation is. AmDreamBlog
  • Other fires rage – like the on-going attempted coup against the administration. Here’s a look at the possible military angle. While our cities and forests burn, our government looks more and more like a bananas republic. Revolver

While the coup proceeds, unhindered, the deep state left keeps up the fantasies about getting Orange Man, by any means necessary. Read this latest, criminal-prosecution-based scheme. Note that the only crimes they can come up with are those from the failed and debunked Mueller Hoax Inquisition. Sad. NYMag

How Important is the Election? The Saker is a smart man. And he previously wrote, as I did, that this election just doesn’t matter. Things have gone a little too far. Yet, for reasons – good ones, Saker has altered his tune a little. I’m staying put, but please read his rationale. TheSaker

Might be some unrest???


Are You a “Southern” Baptist?


You Won’t Be For Long…

Just about every Christian denomination in Amerika is converged with SJWs and weak, debased churchian eunuchs. The Southern Baptist Conference is about to drop “Southern” from the name, because of “racism” or something. What’s in a name change? Lies, apparently. Can you spot the obvious giveaway, one-word lie in the following sentence from President J.D. Greear? “Our Lord Jesus was not a White Southerner but a brown-skinned Middle Eastern refugee.” It’s designed to inculcate the devil’s modern narrative into the Sacred History of Jesus Christ; it’s an “r” word. HChron


The “Law” of Men


An order from a nut job is not the law, no matter how many people are afraid of something nebulous. Eric Peters examines the Virginia mask mania executive order and discovers – the generally illegality of the thing aside – a loophole based on real law. Guess which part is getting enforced? The “law” is largely a fiction, selectively enforced by men with guns. EPAutos

Penn’s Corona Mania is Unconstitutional, says a federal judge. This hoax order has allowed a mad transvestite to run wild, trampling people’s liberty. There used to be an idea called interposition, wherein the states would stand against the feds to protect the people’s rights. Now, inverted as always, the states will only fight if the people are being helped – as here. Watch the appeals and the continuation of the tyranny. KDKA2

Elsewhere, in Indonesia, the corrupt government is punishing sane people for not wearing face diapers by making them dig graves for “Corona victims,” if any. It sounds bad on the surface, but deeper, maybe digging a grave with the politicians standing right there isn’t such a bad idea. ??? Gizmodo

Legacy Food Storage




Gotham Down? How big, in a city, is too big? New York is finding out. The Big Apple is going down the toilet – not because of the WuFlu, but because of the LOCKDOWN and the LOOTING! Is it too late to save our largest city? Do we want to? YahooFin


COVID Corruption??? Yes! One of our trusted mega pharma firms took a billion tax dollars for “vaccine” lies, etc, and then raised prices on the drugs you might need. This is the kind of s#!t that makes socialized medicine sound attractive. MSN


Rumors of Reprisals… The “news” in Amerika keeps coming up with wild, baseless lies that are designed to distract or stoke fear. One is that Iran is threatening a US diplomat. Iran says this is a ridiculous lie. I’m at the point where I trust Russian reporting of an Irania government narrative more than anything from Washington or the lapdog Western press. You? RT


C3PO says Mask Up! As if things aren’t bad enough, now an evil killer robot is prowling around looking for normies to attack over the sacred face diaper hoax. “Pepper” is the enemy of the prepper. Watch the little (pitiful) video. I’m thinking the motorized guts of this droid are lower, center-mass with the “brains” in the chest; aim there? FOX5


Homeschool!!! Great news, here, about the starling rise of, or increase of, homeschooling. This is in response not only to the hoaxdemic, but also the general decline of all things publik skuulz. TheAtlantic




Step Into The Time Machine!


1950 America v 2020 Amerika: Michael Snyder presented another of his fantastic lists sure to grab the attention of the attentive. This one is a comparison of life in these “United” States today against that of 1950. Some of you may be old enough to remember the difference, directly. Others of us also have lived long enough to see the changes unfold. This is not the same country it was 70 years ago, or 20 years ago, or even last December. When you read through the facts, consider what changed that led to all the upheaval. Many things would be a good answer. “Us” would be another. EconCollapse

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