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It’s September 18, 2020

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  • This is rich! Bill Gates – BILL GATES! – says he no longer trusts the US FDA on matters related to diseases and vaccines. Hahahaha. This from the guy with the foundation that experiments on poor children in third world nations while openly calling for population reduction. Mr. Pot has called out the regulatory kettle. YFIN/Bloomberg
  • 2020 has been the year not of the big lie, but of a series of big lies. It turns out that not everything we’ve been told about the [virus] is accurate. Bill Sardi takes a hard look at the real science of the matter and the hype and hysteria crumbles. LRC
  • Part of the COVID hype is over Draconian lockdowns – which do not stop, only slightly slowing, a pandemic. Cases – not deaths, just cases – are rising in Europe. Limited measures are being considered but nations like France are hesitant to impose the full crackdowns the originally ran with – likely because the people are up in arms about the lies. WSJ
  • Also in France, they love some technology! President “Big Bad Banker” Macron is pushing ahead with 5G everywhere. He brags about the benefits of a fast digital future, even casting the resistance as oil-lamp-loving luddites. Le progrès! Barron’s 
  • The deep state likes technology as long as they can use it to control the sheeple. They do not like “Q,” make what you will of that outfit. They scream and shout with joy that Q’s website is down and they’ve caught him! They have not; that was not the main Q site. Sorry. Better luck with the coup. MSN

Terror at Home. The mantra of the Bush Wars was “fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.” Yeah, they’re here anyway and already fighting us – domestic terror from leftist mobs. A former CIA OSB hunter wants to engage them as what they are. The man has a point. DailyBeast

The War at Home. You’re probably sick of this story, what with the MSM reporting it nonstop for years now, but Kori Muhammad was sentenced the other day for murdering for heritage Americans in Commifornia. You have heard of this, right, and all the other … oh. Well then, read hi kindly, contrite remarks from the hearing. FrontPage


Sally Comes Calling


Were You / Are You Prepared?

Cat 2 Hurricane Sally paid a visit to the Alabama coast on Wednesday, early, before moving across the Southeast. At least half a million people lost power. The time for those folks to update the storm management plan was last week. How’s yours looking? AJC



Other “Storms” Brew


Dollar Decline: Ray Dalio, hedge fund master, speculates that the US Dollar’s day is over as world reserve currency. It’s held the high post since it, as schemed, replaced the British Pound after WWII. Now, for many reasons, including the fantasy spending “because of the virus…”, it is undoing itself under a mountain of debts. MSN

The Banks Are Sick. Someone is at Chase. The mega bankster cabal called employees back to their secret control center HQ in NYC. Then, after ONE PERSON contracted the [you know what!], they sent them scurrying back to wherever banksters hide. Rest easy: the computers will keep the fake money sloshing around for the duration. Yahoo

Antitrust Bust? The FTC and the DOJ are allegedly looking into action against social disinformation and spying site, Facebook. This has happened before – with no action. “Like????” WSJ

Legacy Food Storage




Messing With Venezuela? I would not put that past Washington. Indeed, President Maduro – and, what a cigarish-sounding name! – alleges that his security forces detained a US USMC-CIA spook trying to sabotage the nation’s oil refining capacity. If true, then this would be the second failed US attempt to meddle where we, again, just have no business in a year. SUN


Fire on the Mountain! The huge, raging wildfires set by Antifa lightning strikes are threatening a huge communications tower complex outside LA. Would it be that bad to lose some radio and TeeVee propaganda? Yahoo


Libertarians! It’s the END OF THE WORLD!!! Horrors! One of the huge, raging wildfires set by Antifa lightning is threatening a huge marijuana-growing region. Okay, between this story and the last one, which do you think is of greater concern to the LP, leftists, and other, nondenominational hippies? SFGate


Everyone else, is it the end? If so, then the prepper bunker people, and others of us, are having a fun round of the I-told-ya-so. We did; they didn’t listen. Still, some “experts” predict more and worse ahead. Read more. TheAtlantic


Detroit: School Pity. Government “schools” in the former prosperous auto-manufacturing metropolis are trying “class” via ZOOM. And wouldn’t ya know it – no kids bother to show up. The “experts” are torn on blaming the [virus] or the usual “need mo money!” See: DetroitFreePress. Hey! These schools were wrecked before – completely wrecked, even as they spend twice the US average per pupil per year. Really, see the ridiculously, laughably bad numbers at the subject “school.” 




A Nation Cannot Survive TREASON From Within


So said Cicero, a man who knew of such things. Have you, dear American, heard of the Transition Integrity Project (TIP)? It’s heard of you. Mike Whitney breaks down what it is, who’s behind it, and what they’re trying to do. The quote that should concern all of us: “…expect violence in the aftermath of the election, because now that is the new ‘normal.” Read the whole report. UNZ

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