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It’s September 23, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Here’s To Your Health

  • What, exactly, is COVID-19? The usual suspects have cried havoc and are just running with the hype, the facts be damned. We know this edition of a common virus family is relatively harmless to the great majority of people. Here’s a little more – if you’re inclined – about the structure and nature of the plague of ‘20. GlobalResearch
  • What about the risk (or Corooooooooona) on a long flight. I thought this article was about blood clots, but whatever. No one is flying, to the point the airlines are crying for a bailout (again). But, if you do fly, do you stand a higher risk of the common cold? What the CDC says! ??? NYDailyNews
  • The world allegedly suffers from a second surge in cases. Sweden is hated by the elites and the media because the nation never fell for the lies. Now, despite the hype, Sweden somehow magically escapes the waves. How? They must be confused at the cute, little ap.
  • Smoke, in large quantities, is carcinogenic – not very good for you. And, smoke, being a moderate-sized particle, is stoppable with a … mask. Yet, the nuts who decree masks for a hoax, are on the fence about smoke from the massive fires set by Antifa pedo arsonists. Wow. Yahoo
  • Another real health issue is the aluminum that is everywhere, including in us. This very useful metal causes some not-so-useful health issues – like autism. Read more: CollectiveEvolution

Another Health Risk: Technology. A German woman is the first confirmed death from a medical cyber-hack that shut down the hospital. She died en route to another in what is labeled a murder. These computers may not be all we were told… DailyMail

Poison Isn’t Good Either. A letter full of Ricin allegedly made its way to the White House where it was intercepted by the Secret Service. No word on if this is real, really ineffective, or a hoax. But it does remind us about the dangers of letters. We need common sense mail control and a ban on high-capacity envelopes. Only the police and the military need padded mailers… DISCRN


Calling It What It Is


Anarchy in the USA

New York, the rotten apple, is an ‘Anarchist Jurisdiction,’ says the DOJ. The label also applies to Portland and Seattle, where there is no rule of law. It remains to be seen if anything beyond calling it out will happen. Get out of the cities. NBCNY

Canva free.


Economic Anarchy


Stocks are Disconnected from reality. A September sell-off is underway and nobody is honest about why. Could it be – not Corona – but the massive artificial overvaluation??? CNBC

Dollar Doom. People keep warning that the fading Dollar won’t last as world reserve currency. It won’t and can’t. China, long propping up the mighty $ through buying and lending, is shifting back to tits well-developed domestic economy. Less debt for the Dollar, which is entirely debt (and fantasy) based means loss of power. AsiaTimes

Personal Loss. A hit to the personal economy, even if you’re employed, can hit anyone. It hits, on average, at age 32. That’s when burnout is most likely to happen. The modern age isn’t what we were sold on. StudyFinds

Legacy Food Storage




More Evacuations in the California desert are ordered because of the massive wildfires sweeping the Western US. It is possible that some of these were caused by lightning, though we know that many were set by Antifa. We did not get the whole background from the ap.


Free Speech in a US College?! An honest professor faced a lawsuit from CAIRover claims he made linking terrorism to Islam. A federal judge just tossed the suit. Something about the First Amendment. Good news. InvestigativeReport


Other Judicial News: Trump is expected to make a pick for the replacement of deceased Supreme Court Maven, Notorious RBG. All we can hope for is someone literate and sane. Not that this really matters at this point. Fun! Zerohedge


A Trial That Matters: The US Empire and its British puppet are persecuting Julian Assange for practicing honest journalism. The Empire asserts that its law covers all reporters on earth, the most draconian claim the dishonest MSM dares not tell you about. Free Julian! UNZ


War??? War is always a sad but safe bet. Now, the US leads a coalition flotilla in the Pacific, potentially begging for a fight with China. Why? For whose benefit? And, please note all of the carriers – these start to look like those ducks in the carnival shooting gallery. AsiaTimes




Naming Names


Former Elitist Passengers on the Pedo Express may be named (in full) in a civil suit in the VI over Jeff Epstein’s criminal empire. This could be a blow not only to the International Pedos but also to the pedophists who protect them by lying that the real scheme is just a nutty conspiracy theory. Mirror

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