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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s September 25, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Making Sense of the Senseless

  • We’re all waiting on the “vaccine,” yessiree! There was talk about light speed or the warp core or something stupid-sounding. Now, amazingly, the FDA is trying to assert it’s processes – on the dope that doesn’t even exist. NewsTimes
  • We know the numbers are being played all around. Here’s a theory that the CDC and WHO will adjust death numbers once more so as to make the “vaccine” look like it’s working and not killing and maiming people. Rappaport
  • Would you believe that resistance to the “Vaccine” is growing? It appears so. Amazing. See these falling graph lines. Axios
  • More amazing! Florida Governor DeSantis is getting tough on the terrorism of Antifa and BLM and anyone else who wants to riot and destroy. Looters and communists: stay in Portland. Watch out for the “Boogaloos”… GunFreeZone
  • More Amazing??? Is the GOP in the Senate lining up to do something bravely? It could be, as a Supreme Court nomination majority is already allegedly shaping up. We’ll know soon. ap

Corona Class is In. For decades, the “education” establishment has preached the virtues of small class sizes. They preach more than they practice, but at least they were preaching. Now, via the wonders of ZOOM, they say (in New York) that 70 is a small size. Do you agree? WSJ

The Woke Communism Killing the West preaches lies like diversity and inclusion. Yet, for the oddest reason – like they’re a bunch of satanists – that does not mean including Christians or anyone who values the truth and tradition. Fight these people; they’re like three feet tall, tops. RT


Executive Order


Combating Discrimination

Here’s the EO that the SJWs fear, signed by President Trump the other day. It prohibits anti-traditional SJW-isms in and around government contracts. This stands to have sweeping ramifications for the grievance and agitation industries. Good. WhiteHouse


Election Mania!


RUSSIA!!!!!!! Because I guess, it never gets old, the CIA is ONCE AGAIN(!!!) repeating the worn lies about Big Bad Putin stealing the election from Hilary Clinton Joe Biden Kamala Harris. 83,474th times the charm, right? WSJ

Farcebook is ready to meddle in the contest, if necessary. This means that in the likely event of a Trump landslide starting, you’d better have your cat videos pre-recorded. Reuters

Win or Lose, there will be Trouble… “They” have plans to contest reality, whatever it turns out to be. We’ve covered this before, but it bears repeating again. PCR




They Are Freaking Out About Q. Now, they’ve tracked him (and his son) down to a pig farm in Manila or somewhere fantastic. Why all the hype over something that they say is a hoax? Are they feeling the heat? ABC”News”


Spying on You. The other day, we took a look at Fred Reed’s analysis of the success of China in becoming First World. Yet, they do aim some of their “efforts” at us. Here’s more on some of the spying. OrganicPrepper


A LOT of Chinese at Harvard. That, and many other changes have happened in the Ivy League. Read a little about it. “Little North Koreas” just about says it all. I think we’re down to 2 good colleges in America; Harvard ain’t one. Crisis


Land v Money. Here’s a great read for preppers and homesteaders. It’s about the generational changes in rural America and what it means for the people way out where. With all the blue city slickers fleeing the ruins they made, this is increasingly important. Abbeville


GINSBURG DEATH OVERTURNED!!! The crazy 9th Circus strikes again? BabylonBee




Where the Money is…


Here’s a new list of the 50 best places to live in the USA. The list is not a “get out of the cities” as we’d like, but the selections make decent economic sense. If you’re looking to move, know all the options. Money

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