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It’s September 28, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


The Smoking Gun of the Pandemic

  • What does a witch-doctor have in common with the CDC? The witch-doctor is probably more accurate and honest. Dr. Ronald Brown says of the March pandemic predictions: “the public’s overreaction to the coronavirus pandemic was based on the worst miscalculation in the history of humanity…” GlobalResearch
  • Read the massive miscalculation – scare tactics that the usual suspects are still running with. And this does not consider any of the other shady statistical methodologies they use to justify their tyranny. CambridgeUPress
  • Winter is around the seasonal corner, bringing ordinary sniffles with it. Here’s how to lower the rates of CORONA, or any other viral illness with common-sense measures. DrMercola
  • MASKS REQUIRED! Wear one or get tased and arrested – for the kids, or grandma, or something. Remember that time(s) the CDC said masks were ineffective? We do. LRC
  • The “vaccine” will save us! No, we don’t have (or need) one, but, still… What could go wrong with secret panels of chicken littles deciding what they will order you injected with? NBC”news”

AstraZenecca is working on a “vaccine!” Just don’t ask too many questions about the neurological side effects that have slowed testing and development. I’m sure the secret panel will keep the poisons out. If they don’t, then remember that you have no legal recourse. CNN

In a world gone utterly mad, a Minnesota priest dared to tell the plain truth about the so-called pandemic. His sermon sounded a lot like the foregoing, a recitation of the facts. Guess what his superiors think about that?! StarTribune


Sci-Fi Nightmares Come True


A Robot Pandemic?

It’s the Mechanical Hound from Fahrenheit 451! It’s loose on the streets of Boston and scoping out victims. Some suggest shooting to kill, though this should be “shoot to destroy.” It won’t shoot back – for now. RT

Battery/motor has to be center mass.


The NEAR Future


California is more of a communist insane asylum than a state. They’re moving to ban the sale of gas-powered cars by 2035 (yes, even as they move to legalize pedos…). The real aim (with the cars…) is to get everyone riding in little self-driving, electric bubble cars. Little cars kind of like Teslas. CNBC

No Tesla for You! The other day all of the smart, green, earthy people who virtue-signal with Teslas – all of them – were locked out of their dystopian fire trap golf carts. Was it a bug or a hack? Who cares? It was a preview of the computer-aided end of transportation. DailyMail

Tech You Don’t Drive, will still drive you mad. Here’s a look at all the cool, new, exciting, and very disturbing “features” coming to your Alexa spy devices. I hear it can even shut off your Tesla and summon the mechanical hound on you. CNET

Legacy Food Storage




ISIS in Dixie! Look out, BLM, the JV team is here and ready for a “Netflix worthy” attack on America. What does that mean? Are they going to one-up “Cuties” or something? JUST what we need… TheState


The Family Government Farm: Farms and farmers are kind of important – if you like to eat and stuff. So, why are farmers increasingly so dependent on federal subsidies? Could it be that the ruse of financialization is ruining the business? Some crops grow on trees, money does not. Reason


Fiat Grows on Printing Presses. The Fed prints fake money so the government and the banks can commit more and bigger crimes. Now, there’s a plan afoot to offer some of that free, fake cheese to us. Something – everything – smells terrible here. ZeroHedge


Usury = Murder It falls somewhere under the Sixth Commandment. Yet, it has become the system in the US and nearly a religion of its own. Is the “pandemic” breaking the unholy bank? Here’s a great review of the dread evils of the sin of usurious debt lending. We need a Jubilee! UNZ


Homeschool or Lose Home (Life) to Schools. Here’s yet another reason to ditch the public “schools” – they destroy families. Private schools are a much better alternative, societally-speaking. One assumes that homeschooling is even better. AEI




Ramming Speed!


That turns out to be 15 – 20 MPH. Things are breaking down and, while we can still drive cars, we need to know how to use them as defensive weapons. Here’s how to break through an Antifa-BLM roadblock and survive. PS: assume they will be shooting at you too. ArtofManliness

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