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It’s September 29, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


CIVIL WAR! Election! 2020

  • Oh, boy! Am I excited – I just heard about something called the “presidential election.” Right? I had never imagined such a thing; we should have had one of these before… Anyway, the “debates” are coming, tonight on the TeeVee. ap
  • Weighted or ranked voting has come to Maine. That means the Maine-iacs can select more than one candidate. Twenty years ago, I twice heard from the architects of this kind of democratic scheme. It didn’t make sense then and I’m betting it makes no difference now. Reason
  • Russia! Russia! Reversal? Yes, the people who screeched that Trump was a Russian agent did so based on the lies of a Russian agent. And these people are in “law enforcement.” Whose law? RT
  • They’re still on Russia like a hoax on a pandemic. But now, they desperately shift part of the narrative to Trump becoming a military dictator. “Fears grow…” SeattleTimes
  • Fear aside, now even the MSM is slowly beginning to call it what it is, or what it will soon become – a civil war. Of course, the same suspects who helped steer us in this direction now fear for their safety. “Terrified!” Is “TFB” still a popular response? Breitbart

P.J. O’Rourke once called the Supreme Court “the most important kind of nothing.” Amy Barrett of the 7th Circuit is nominated and will almost invariably replace the Notorious RBG (RIP, RBG). This should be, not that it really matters at this very late hour, an upgrade, in ideology and certainly in looks. RT

“Speaking in Tongues.” Bill Maher, who always struck me as a decent enough liberal extremist, does not like the Amy pick and had some choice words about her and her Religion. Read his little screed and then, maybe on your social media of choice, quote him while substituting “Jewish” for “Catholic.” Prepare to be banned from your social media of choice. DailyBeast




Free Kyle!

He’s not “portrayed” as a patriot, he is an American Patriot and Hero. It looks that way, because that’s the way it is. The luciferians hate Kyle Rittenhouse because he demonstrated how easy it is to stop them and he eliminated some of their filth in the process. A slanted story from the ASSociatedPress.


So It Goes


Feeling sorry for America… That’s a thing now, internationally, and as reported by the MSM. Here, in a sea of odd deception about a “virus,” etc, is a quote from a Canadian that makes sense: “Personally, it’s like watching the decline of the Roman Empire.” Personally, that’s about the view from this side of the border. BostonGlobe

Falling Legions. Here’s a twin take by The Saker and Vox Day on the terminal slide of the US Empire and the pitfalls that await all around. Is one Donald Trump the last thing holding this mess together?  VoxPopuli

A Choice: Partner with the other world powers, or get stomped in another world war. Yeah, these are stark and polarized options. The crazy thing is that we could, with relative ease, do the former, while our insane political clown class would happily steer us into the latter. How about that?! A world war coinciding with a civil war? Add in an economic collapse (a stretch this happy year, I know…), and you have my Big Three prediction come true. StrategicCulture




No Hope in Dope “Pope.” “Give up your guns!” says the anti-pope Jorge Bergoglio to the UN. He meant, our guns, of course, not the ones guarding the UN criminals, nor those guarding the usurper in the Vatican. Does he have a point? Do Amerikans really need any weapons??? It’s not like Christians are being arrested by a police state for attending Church. InfoWars


American Christians Arrested By Police State For Attending Church! Three of them, in Idaho. Oops! Sorry, fake pope. It seems we need arms now more than ever. Breitbart


More CDC Lies: 2 Trillion CORONA DEATHS!!! Turned into 200,000!!!! That was revealed to be a massive overstatement, with the real number closer to 10,000. Oops, that too is out – it’s more like 6,000. Not that the MSM or the political rodentia will notice or care. Wear your mask! Take your poison vaccine! AnnBarnhardt


School House Masking. Sending a child you love to a government indoctrination concentration camp is unconscionable. Many private schools aren’t much better. The only way to make it worse is to force the child to submit to the unholy mask – this is even worse in the privates, especially the ones that claim to be Christian. Richard Enos wrote of how he objected his child out of the nonsense. Do the same or homeschool! DaoCoaching


Lights Out! Because of what the virus did … the economy is a wreck. People have no money and they can’t pay the power bill. Moratoriums on shut-offs (and evictions) are ending. Now, millions will face a terrible darkness – literally. Anybody seen that v-shaped thing yet? WSJ




Great News, Florida!


All Corona Hysteria Restrictions are lifted! It appears that Ron DeSantis has had enough. May this spread north like wildfire. NPR

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