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It’s September 3, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


What IS Going On?

  • Are we descending into a “race” war? DC’s mayor fears we are, and I fear she could be correct. Technically, it’s not about race – although, honestly, it is, at least partly. In toto, this budding conflict is about good versus evil, Christians v. Satanists, nationalists v. globopedos. We’ll know more when it really heats up. GET OUT OF THE CITIES! DailyCaller
  • “Protests” + Guns = War. The guns are out, and not in the best ways. We have two sides, both armed and itching for a fight, lining up against each other. Do everything in your power to stay away and out of the lines of fire. DNYUZ
  • We are not in a vacuum. People around the West are fighting this war with uncertain results. It’s been in progress, really, for decades, though few have noticed. Do we even have a future? UNZ
  • Part of the Amerikan, Minnesotian hoax is that a certain violent felon died from “police brutality,” even though he obviously killed himself with dope. Now, the truth has been stated again, to the persecution, ah, prosecution. Does the truth have any place, anymore, in our “law?” Spectator
  • And, per the macro hoax of the decade, Farcebook just cannot allow the truth to come out (again) about the real truth behind the HOAXID, even as clearly stated by the CDC. These creatures of the dark night are not our friends. InfoWars

Meanwhile… While all the fun is afoot and the DOW is booming, people are still lined up at the food banks. Don’t these folks know about the V-shaped lie?? CBS5

And, the Schools… Hoaxid-2020 has wrecked the already wrecked Amerikan education system. Colleges are playing all kinds of games in order to give the meager appearance that they know what’s going on. They do not. Parties?? Axios


The Starter List


Get “Woke” with These Companies

This is great, even though it’s just a few. Being nice and doing the right thing is one thing. Reciting lies, deceptions, and communist doctrine is another. Add to this list most “schools” in the US and all your favorite trash from Hellywood. I’d say “boycott,” but we would run out of businesses. Crisis


Siding with Terrorists


This is Classical??? I picked one “woke” Marxist lecturer from the above list: The Society for Classical Studies. Read their statement in favor of BLM terror, and against Western Civilization, which, heretofore, one would have assumed they championed. BTW, Perrin has read dozens of these statements and they are from some template, all virtually the same. This is a plan against us. Total. Inversion! SCS

Not Sad, … Pathetic. If your company sides with the terrorists at BLM/Antifa/homoglobo, then these are their friends. They are not ours. They want us dead and will cheer when they murder us. AmRen

And, They are Murdering “Us,” at least the Trump supporters among us. A breakdown of the (latest) Portland shooting against the Right, and what it means. And more. UNZ

Get “Woke,” Go … Extinct?

Legacy Food Storage




A Suspect. Police have a man of interest in the killing of the f–king fascist, er, the Trump supporter in Portland. Are they going to charge him with aggravated “peaceful protesting?” WSJ


Another Suspect … was armed when he resisted arrest for violence. That’s why the police shot Jacob Blake in Kenosha. This had nothing to do with race unless it was a race against criminal escalation. Not that any of these facts matter to the mobs and their backers. FOX6


Who Needs Planks??? Planks, as in boards, only come in handy if one is building something. The GOP doesn’t have a platform this year, for the first time since 1856, because … reasons? Not that this matters. Their previous plans have all either been deceptions or horrible failures. This stuff just isn’t important anymore. THAT should concern us. TheHour


Farcebook has a Plan! The enemies of freedom, unlike the impotent GOP, do not rest! FB has hired yet another censor, a real professional, to help tamp down any reasonable expression of truth. This, in the “land of the free.” Cat videos, for now, are allegedly safe. UNZ


Great news Out of Africa!!! In a religious war of persecution, it’s critical for the religious to disavow any religious components of the persecution. That, amazingly, is what the Vatican has done in re the Christian genocide in Nigeria. With defenders like this… JihadWatch




The Slow Death of Fast Food


George Carlin coined the phrase, and he was right. Here’s a new study that links “ultra” processed food consumption with premature aging and death. During the Hoax(s), people have been wolfing this junk down by the barrel. You are what you eat. ScienceAlert

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