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It’s September 30, 2020

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This is a great feature for busy preppers on the go! I’m going to streamline the text, here, for smoother videos over there. Each of these little blurbs is a witty summary of a news story from the popular or alternative media. On the big ‘ole Freedom Prepper homesite, each is followed by a link to the original article. If you, the video aficionado, want to know more about any given topic, then don’t hesitate to pull up the day’s Prepper Post and hunt down that link. Your humble author is painfully aware that certain opinion-editorial intonation does not necessarily translate into AI speech. However, the high-quality presentation more than makes up for any loss of irony, humor, or polemic. Blah, blah, blah, right? Let’s get straight to our daily major headline!

State of Unrest

  • I knew Doctor Roberts would come around on the Corona hysteria of 2020. Mirroring my initial calls, he now sees the thing for what it is – a massive, insidious deception. He writes a great summary about the “why” of the matter at the PCR site. 
  • Doctor Fauci is not happy, with the COVID fallout or, I think, in general. He’s very concerned – VERY concerned – about people in Florida and elsewhere getting back to normal. Not in a good place, no, no, no, no, no… A “very concerning” story from Mediaite.
  • It may be that as the hysteria fades from the news cycle, that the virus itself is fading in strength. There’s such a thing as “viral loading,” the amount or rate of the bug in the human body. And it appears to be declining. That’s good for us if not-so-good for the fear-mongers. More, at Study Finds.
  • Common sense is good medicine. During the Spanish Flu, which originated in the US, honest doctors found that fresh air and sunlight stamped out infection most efficiently. Surprise, but the concept works well with the Wu-Flu as well. This is why it was a good thing for all those “reckless” kids to enjoy time at the beaches. Here’s the truth, from Doctor Mercola.
  • Even without the bug, 2020 has been a year of havoc in America. If you don’t know, we have a wee bit of dissension and unrest here and there. People rightly fear that things are taking a turn for the worse, possibly drifting towards a civil war. More, from AXIOS.

The Devil’s in the Details: The father of lies loves war and discord as they serve his lowly purposes in opposition to the will of God. Here’s a convincing essay on who benefits from civil strife. Much of this is punishment both for extremely wicked behavior as well as the conscious decisions to ignore reality. Read it at Crisis

Heroes Rise, even in, or especially in, bad times. Here are four young men who may be on a mission to guide wayward America back from the brink. One of them, I’ll spill the beans, is the hero of Kenosha, Kyle “Set Him Free!” Rittenhouse. More, at the American Thinker.


Something in the Water


An Amoeba that Eats Your Brain lurks in a Texas water system. Yes! Just when you thought the microbial state of 2020 couldn’t get any worse – this happens. They’re working on the fix. In the meanwhile, residents should use caution. The rest of us need not panic, instead merely remaining aware that even the best of modern civilized convenience can break down sometimes. Read more from the BBC.


Election 2020


One less vote for Trump: Former Pennsylvania Governor and head of DHS Tom Ridge does not support the President. Of course, he never did. Is this important, or a big yawn? You decide, based on reporting at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Trump’s Taxes. The New York Times, which has never misled anyone about anything, alleges that the President has artfully loopholed his way out of major income taxes for years. I smell something. You? Read more from Carlos Slim’s Blog.

Legacy Food Storage

Fake News? That’s Trump’s standard answer to many or most stories about him in the lamestream media – usually for good reason. Of course, he’s decrying the tax issue. Did he set a trap for the media, the Democrats, and Biden? We’ll know soon. There’s speculation at The Sun.




Dollar Decline. Here’s another alarm about the continuing and worsening economic slide. Does this thing have a floor, and what will happen when we hit it? SCMP


Money is Flowing – from someone to the rental thugs of BLM and Antifa. Look at the high pay for this “peaceful” protest work. Isn’t supporting an insurrection a crime? PCR


Self-Wrecking Cars! What a deal? The usual suspects are pushing driverless AI bot cars on us at a furious pace. However, as predicted, this stupidity comes with a price. The robo cars are wrecking and causing trouble everywhere they go. Read all about it, before it literally runs into you, at Forbes.


Corona “Vaccine” Equals Shark Genocide? Our big fishy friends, swimming around and minding their own business, are hunted for an oil they produce. It’s said to help with something in vaccines like the one they don’t even have for the COVID bug. Do we really want to decimate the oceans like this? Hey, environmentalists! Any ideas? SKY NEWS


World War III. It’s an unpleasant but possible scenario. Here are four hotspots where serious conflict could erupt. And you thought our budding civil war was enough. More, from Organic Prepper






Autumn is here, and the Ballot Harvesters are in action! This, for the innocent Americans among you, is the process wherein shady Not-American political scum like Ilhan Omar (D-Somalia) pay people to steal and falsify absentee ballots. Project Veritas strikes again! See their Tweet, with alarming video.

Yes, this is a serious crime.

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