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It’s September 4, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


“Kyle Did Nothing Wrong”

A statement from Team Rittenhouse.

Your Vote Really Counts

  • So, vote early, as a slim majority of Americans say they will. This calls into question all the hype about mailed votes, especially those that could slow down the final counts. CNBC
  • The Dems are coyly coming around to the coming Trump victory. So, they’re pre-admitting the inevitable, even if they couch it in fantasy terms. Mediaite
  • Trump will win even without any platform, other than he’s not Creepy Joe. And, he didn’t even hold to his 2016 promises – like “Buy American.” Here’s why that didn’t pan out so well. Yahoo
  • Good news for MA! Ed Markey is as OK as a liberal democrat can be, especially if you’re a libertarian-leaning Lib. He just defeated the last great hope of the Kennedy Clan. The dynasty is over. That’s good news for everyone. Sun
  • Take their money, play by their rules. Joe Rogan is … a … character. His $100M deal came with strings – like eliminating all of his “controversial” previous interviews. EntertainmentWeekly

Election Fraud, Schemes, Lies, Hoaxes… America has gone mad. That’s patently obvious in this year of insanity. What’s different today than yesterday? Jared Taylor takes a hard look. Unz

Meanwhile … Many Americans do not have enough food. We’re at record levels of nutrition shortage in the “land of the free.” What about this V-shaped thing again? Bloomberg




What Good Are These Tests?

We know the numbers are cooked all the way around. And, the tests are iffy at best. It may be that 90% of the “positive” results are essentially bogus. Yet, my guess is that they’ll keep pushing the hype and the next steps. Rappaport


Rank Hysteria


Don’t make the machine angry! UNC, and probably other “schools,” has implemented a new AI system for harassing kids into masking, distancing, and other hoaxisms. All this for the low price of $XX,XXX???? In student loan debts. InfoWars

While everyone is distracted behind the masks, states are moving forward with more AI madness – on the roads. Michigan is exploring a driver-free highway. Yeah, that means no free autonomy for you, masked sucker. EPAutos

The Crude Sophomoric “Humor” of Corona… UK doctors are warning, and the MSM is running with it, that in a few small cases, men may possibly, kind-of, sorta, could suffer testicular swelling from the “virus.” Details are rather slim, though the hype is heavy. Pathetic. SUN

Legacy Food Storage




Do NOT Drive Into A Tank! That should go without saying, but, you know … it happened. How does one drive into a tank? They’re on the large and unmistakable side. Anyway, for future reference, and if ever necessary, one will note from the picture that the tracks can easily come off… DailyStar


Retaliation! A California Church successfully bucked an illegal hoax command. And, then, the city terminated a decades-old lease on the church’s parking lot. Freedom of religion isn’t free … unless the religion is statism. FreeBeacon


We’re Number One! If “we” are China, and we’re talking about the world’s largest navy. Trouble on the deep blue sea, and that isn’t the only place. Not good. USNI


The Ultimate Insult! A hunk of burning hate… BLM is a terrorist organization run amuck. Now they have dared to vandalize the wall and gate at Graceland. That Graceland, in Memphis. All Elvis fans are now recruited into the unwoke army. They struck the King, trying to kill us. RT


The China Connection. China is booming once again, while the rest of the world suffers the hoax of 2020. Who’s fault is this? Gerald C has the scoop you won’t hear anywhere else. TrendsJournalVIDEO




The Climate Hoax


Climate Hoaxers run cherry-picked data through high-volume computer programs designed for economic modeling. Therefore, it makes sense for an economist to evaluate the process. Steve Keen did and HERE is what he found. In short: climate “science” is pure BS. Or, more simply, see this Dilbert cartoon.

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