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It’s September 7, 2020


Here’s what you need to know.


ANTIFA: Organized 4G Terrorism

  • Kyle Rittenhouse did more to fight the terrorists of BLM-Antifa than nearly everyone else combined. For his outstanding heroic efforts, he’s facing trumped-up murder charges. He will win, but he could use your help. He fought for you; do your part now. FIGHTBACK
  • Kyle defended (well) himself against hardened, violent felons. These were the lutienents of Antifa. They’re overdue deaths have roiled the usual suspects – who are, honestly, making a little too much noise. Here’s the background on the convicted felons who attacked Kyle in Kenosha. WISrightnow
  • THIS is disturbing – careful if you click on it. But, it’s just a part of the recounting of Joseph Roesnbaum’s sentencing for child rape (5 boys!). These are the despicable heroes of the left. Yes, Emily L. Hauser, he was all yours. 
  • Never forget that the satanists would make this kind of crime legal. They’re floating the first bill to do so in California. Mr. Wiener… Something about these … nevermind. Just know that they can call us all the names they want, there will never be justification for the evil they’re after. DailyCaller
  • Another suspicious name they’re sad to lose. The Antifa terrorist leader who murdered the Christian in Portland was brought to final justice by the US Marshals. Good! Again, the left sees this cold-blooded killer as doing the right thing. There is no negotiating with these “people.” RT

Portland: The murder was a planned ambush (see picture below or in link). When, originally, some suggested Antifa was a terror group, I hesitated. However, the facts confirm that they are and they are very well organized and funded. And they really have to be defeated. VoxDay

It’s Real and Really Close to War. My hesitation with the terror-designation revolved around my concern about who created this group. That really doesn’t matter – they’re here and attacking. Part of finding out (and destroying) whoever is behind them is knowing how they operate. Here’s a breakdown: SurvivalBlog.

Ambush and Murder (and War) in Portland. Terrorist hiding with gun, right. Vox Popoli.


COVID Break…

Enough Antifa, for a sec… Here’s one man’s (typical) story about his near death “from” the virus. And, maybe also from being in terrible health and being grossly obese. If he had been a little older, he would be dead. Thankfully, he used the scare as a great excuse to get in shape. Imagine if everyone did that. MSN


America on Edge (more Antifa)


With their beloved leader in hell where he belongs, and with more contrivances at work, the left prepares to move on with their war on America. On the one hand, they know some will violently resist them. On the other, they’re so evil, they just don’t care. Not a good mix, folks. SFGate

Creepy Joe gets it, roundabout. He’s right: if Trump wins, there will be more violence. In fact, regardless of who wins what or anything else, there will be violence. A LOT. TuckerCvideo

Things have gotten to the point, or arguably beyond the point, that this fight looks as bad as the Jihadi attacks against the West. In Paris, they’re finally trying terrorists for the attacks in 2015. The difference? Well, a majority of young French Muslims want to make Blasphemy illegal again. Here, with Antifa, they are blasphemy. Geesh. UNZ


Legacy Food Storage



The Stock Market tanked the end of last week. Just how much more funny money is needed to keep this charade running? We’ll find out this week, maybe. CNBC


Biggest Debt Ever! This story is so bad that they keep recycling the headline. In truth, it’s probably much worse. So bad, in fact, that it really doesn’t matter. The debts will ever be paid and should be canceled (along with the usury-mongers behind them). WSJ


Good legal news! All that cyber snooping that Snowden warned about was real, and was really illegal. So says the Ninth Circus, many, many years late… Never fear, the police state spying will continue. Politico


#DefundNYC! In the for what it’s worth file: Trump is looking into removing federal graft from cities like New York, that allow anarchy and terror on the streets. It may not work, but we’ll take every little we can. Zerohedge


Take Medication? Then, it could – depending on what it is – cause mental problems like dementia. Here’s a list of potentially problematic medicines. StudyFinds




The Real Money


If someone offers to sell you 100 oz of silver, for $100 bucks, it might be a deal. It might be a better deal at $50. Even better at $20. How about free? If you’re the average modern ‘Murikan, then you have no idea about any of this and just want to “have a drink.” Some of the people in this video vote… MarkDice

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