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It’s September 8, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


4G Warfare in Amerika

  • A kind of war has been in progress in the US for years now, almost openly declared and with only one side fighting. President Trump finally reversed an Obama era program that instituted anti-White “training” sessions in all federal departments. Read his Order here: WhiteHouse.
  • And Trump needs to act on this next one immediately. While international, globalist, satanist pedo-freaks, BLM, and Antifa run wild, burning and destroying, multiple reports say that DHS is about to declare the greatest security threat in the country to be … you. PCR
  • In the wake of the past few exciting weeks in riot news, different sides in the budding war squared off in Kentucky. Cooler heads prevailed for now. But, if you can’t see that this thing is heating up, you need to have your eyes checked. RT
  • Antifa is an organized terrorist organization, foot soldiers in the 4th Gen War against Western Civilization in the remains of America. Their tactics have police sidelined and even combat veterans are at a loss when confronting them. READ THIS REPORT.
  • READ THIS BOOK. This is 4GW. Ergo, read the manual on how it works and how to fight it. The US military and our police do not understand these concepts. The CIA does, maybe a little too well. That means we may have to deal with it. 


The Police Kind of Get it … at least in Florida. But, they use this Orwellian program against normal citizens. Read about the debunked but prevalent policing of the future. TampaBayTimes

Not Just in the US. In the UK, they have a problem with “criminals” whose descriptions they can never seem to pin down or announce. Yeah, we know what that means. But the thugs are still active. Another stabbing spree, this time in Birmingham. Better ban knives??? SUN


Homeschool or Die!


Or, Before the Schools Die…

Public “schools” are in trouble. The Corona Hoax has dealt them a blow unlike they’ve ever seen before. Enrollments and funding are down. This is great news for education and for society at large. But, we must all be ready for the transition. Start now: get the kids out of the government’s idiocy camps! JamesKunstler


Health “Guidance”


The “Vaccine” is Coming!!! The miracle cure for the disease that isn’t should be here just in time for the election. In other news, Perrin has a few bridges he’d like to offer you… What do you make of this “urgent” announcement from the CDC? That CDC, the one that can guide anything to save their tax funding. CentreDaily

Oh, Canada… Those crazy maple leafers, or their “experts,” rather, say to mask up when hooking up. It almost sounds like they’re trying to steer romance in a certain direction. Hmmm. Does anyone trust these people? CBC

Wrong About Everything. For years, we heard about the food pyramid that had us eating a massive base of bread and pasta – with waistlines adjusting (out) accordingly. Meat = bad. Fat = bad. All of this advice is dead wrong. If people want to be healthy, then they need to dispense with this professional advice. RT


Legacy Food Storage



Dollar Decline: Jim Rogers admits, painfully, that the day of the Dollar is about over. This is natural, though it will hit some very hard. But, this is the time – when all else is already falling apart. What’s the replacement? Euro? Yuan? Something new and BRIC-ish? We’ll find out in the years ahead. RT


Enriching in Iran. Uranium, that is. Nebulous reporting has it that Iran is only three and a half months away from either having an A-bomb or having the plan for one. I’m sure the neocons smell war. When don’t they? While we have our own problems to worry about, know that this development, if true, will likely lead to stabilization. FreeBeacon


The Lies – just keep coming. “They” say COVID deaths will double by the end of the year. That’s probably true. But “they” are still using the debunked (by the CDC) hoax figures. If there is a doubling, then it will only be around 20,000 – a mild cold and/or flu tally. And, remember, according to “them,” we were already supposed to have 2 million dead. H-O-A-X. CNBC


MORE EXPERTS!!! In Texas, they’re decrying the privately-built border wall. It’s in danger of falling right over, they say. If so, can’t it just be fixed? More likely, this is another fib to grow the nose of our professional liar class. TXTribune


DOJ v Google: The government is allegedly preparing antitrust actions against the digital giant. This is much like Br’er Bear investigating Br’er Fox, but I suppose we take what we can get. I suspect that if there is a breakup, then the resulting Baby Googles will spread the new world disorder faster than before. Was the internet a trap and a mistake? Not this site, I mean. DNYUZ




So Long, Chicken Little


Tony Fauci is out and Dr. Scott Atlas is in as our hoax czar. This move has all the right people upset, so that alone is encouraging. Fauci, I hear, will now freely travel the land peddling “magic” anti-viral talismans or something. MSN

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