PREPPER POST NEWS – April 14, 2021 – Chipping Away

PREPPER POST NEWS – April 14, 2021 – Chipping Away


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Headline Stories in the News

  • A quick reminder about the value of books. VP
  • Minneapolis burning. Again. All because of an … air freshener? DailyMail
  • Why isn’t Rock Hill, SC burning? Have you even heard about this story?
  • Import the third world, become the third world. This is a slow, generational SHTF. Prepared? OrganicPrepper
  • The immolation of (us, by) the Tranny movement. They want the children and they won’t back down. OffG

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Back in the US, Back in the USSA

  • A proper comparison of the “free” West to the former and current Russia: “The Soviet system did collapse, because devoid of moral authority, the cost of maintaining it eventually exceeded the benefits of the system. By the end, no one could think of a reason to sacrifice for the system or the people running it. * Americans are quickly approaching the same decision. As long as the material benefits are not threatened, most are happy to remain in their cells. At some point, though, the number of people no longer able to tell the good guys from the bad guys, the white hats from the black hats, will reach a critical mass. The ruling regime is burning what is left of its moral authority to fuel its hold on power. When the tank runs dry, they will join the communists in the dustbin of history.” Globalism is worse than communism. Z-Man

Mandatory Hoaxing?

  • The march to the not-vaccine being mandatory (as ordered by corporations) marches on. MSN
  • Can one overdose on the hoaxxine? DMX did. MTO
  • Vt. Vincent: Only the “vaccinated” may evacuate from a deadly volcanic eruption. Let that sink in. WUWT

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Today’s Featured Topic is: DARPA, DARPA, DARPA…

“Pentagon scientists reveal a microchip that senses COVID-19 in your body BEFORE you show symptoms and a filter that extracts the virus from blood

Scientists at the Pentagon’s secretive unit are researching viruses and developing pandemic cures. 

Legacy Food Storage

They work at Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and other Pentagon laboratories

DARPA’s teams saw COVID-19 infected 1,271 onboard USS Theodore Roosevelt as the virus spread unchecked

In response they have developed a microchip to detect asymptomatic COVID in a bid to prevent an outbreak

The chip is inserted below skin and triggers a sensor if COVID infects the body 

DARPA have also created a filter which can remove COVID virus from the blood when attached to dialysis

They are working on a vaccine that would work against all coronaviruses, even ones not yet identified

The team also successfully manufactured antibodies against Spanish Flu”


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