PREPPER POST NEWS – April 21, 2021 – A Quiet Riot?

PREPPER POST NEWS – April 21, 2021 – A Quiet Riot?


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Civil War in MN

  • I’ve been forgetting this (wow!) since Monday. MN and the nation brace for the riots that will happen in the wake of the Officer Chauvin Chau Trial. Either way. It may have already happened. It may affect you. SUN

Mad Money

  • This NJ deli, publicly traded, is an example of the fake economy that will (must) crash soon. CNBC
  • In related news, in DC with everything going so well, why are the homeless camped outside the Federal Reserve? SFGate

Out West…

  • A water shortage is a real possibility. In fact, it’s already here in CA, NM, and AZ. The hoax of “climate change” has nothing to do with this. SFGate
  • Hollywood comes to Texas! Another actor prepares to play his role. So do the voters. There are other options, you know. DallasNews
  • When a majority realize that things are truly broken, changes will be made. That may look like Balkanization. Here are some examples of what could happen from America’s past. LCR

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The Scamdemic Today

  • Police in ON are under orders to stop, harass, and arrest serfs who flout lockdown rules. The good news is that the cops are balking! MSN
  • They don’t even hide the agenda. Women in Brazil are told to forego having children due to … you know. Depopulation starts with having fewer people. DailyMail
  • How dangerous is the “vaccine?” More dangerous than guns. VP

The reported number of US deaths from the Covid vaccine in Q1 2021 is 1,524. The average number of US gun-related murders reported per quarter is 3,679. * However, only 82.5 million people have been fully vaccinated for Covid, or 25.3 percent of the US population. Even if we ignore the fact that the vaccine deaths are almost certainly underreported, this means your chances of dying from being vaccinated for Covid are 63.7 percent greater than your chance of being shot dead, and 44 times greater than your chance of being shot dead by a police officer. * Perhaps that will help put things in perspective. If the government actually cared about lives, they would devote more effort to vaccine control than they do to gun control.”

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These hoaxes always are. A MUST READ PLAN OF ACTION (2017)

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