PREPPER POST NEWS – April 22, 2021 – Mainstream and Alternatives

PREPPER POST NEWS – April 22, 2021 – Mainstream and Alternatives


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It’s Thursday, April 22, 2021

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Headline Stories in the News

  • The jury has the Chauvin case (and may have rendered a verdict already???). The judge was not happy with Maxine Waters (who is?). StarTrib
  • Maxine says she “dindu nuffin.” FOX
  • Is the “red flag” of “racism” the new narrative for gun control? Read this story closely. What is or isn’t “White supremacist?” “The Wall Street Journal also reported that Hole had posted on Facebook about the children’s show “My Little Pony,” suggesting that he may have belonged to a subculture of men who identify as “Bronies” or adult male fans of the show. Many “Bronies” put on conventions, collect pony figurines, and celebrate the show in online message boards, but some pockets of the online community are rife with violent images and white supremacist rhetoric [ATLANTIC link].” WTH??? MSN
  • Guns in the bathhouse. Dr. T wants the 2A. Surprised? CNN


  • Israel Shamir on the stupidity of poking the Russian bear. UNZ
  • The stupidity of the EU. 150,000 Russian troops v. these losers… AP

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Words Matter!

  • So “Biden” wants to ban them. He’s made it “illegal” to say “illegal alien. How about “fake president?” WashTimes
  • How about “murder?” Planned Abortion condemns their founder – for racism, not child genocide. ChristianPost
  • Situational Awareness v Situational BIAS. Know the difference. Daisy L. at OP. A prepper must-read reminder!

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Real News

Here’s a ranking of the highest-trafficked alternative news sites – many of which I consult daily. UNZ

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