PREPPER POST NEWS – April 23, 2021 – Ochlocratic Justice

PREPPER POST NEWS – April 23, 2021 – Ochlocratic Justice


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Headline Stories in the News

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Money Matters

  • A crypto based on a joke about a meme about another crypto based on a fiat currency … is more “valuable” than Ford Motors. This is Clown World. YahooFin

Beware of Private Schools

  • It’s really getting to be homeschooling or nothing. Even an elite prep school in Brentwood isn’t immune to the ravages of the woke SJW commie luciferians. LAmag

Cultural Decay

  • A 291% increase in babies … born … with … Syphilis… Because … racism? MSN
  • Schumer goes libertardian? He wants dope. He is a dope. CNBC
  • And … the GOP is useless, evil, and in need of elimination! They literally say being pro-America is being pro-racist, etc. Republicans, GET OUT of my country, damn you! CNN

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More Headlines Today

Masks are WORSE Than Useless!

  • We’ve known this, in general. Now, it’s definitive as to the CoronaHoax: Face masks do not stop the virus. In fact, they are – as we knew – dangerous. READ THIS  (maybe shove it in some masked morons face [mask]).

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Mob Rule in Amerika

In a surprise to almost no one, the Chauvin show trial jury returned guilty verdicts on all counts. Law and order are officially dead in the dead USSA. CBSMin.

An innocent man was convicted, sacrificed. USAWatch/PCR.

12 cowardly, craven, idiots bowed to the howling savagery of the mob. JaredTaylor.

The ultimate criminals got away and are celebrating. Guardian. No justice for Mad Maxine. Dusthead Joe. Kamala. The Congressional Black Caucus. RepubliCONs bowed per usual. “Nancy Pelosi, who said she spoke to George Floyd’s family earlier today, thanked them for their “grace and … dignity”. * “Thank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice. Your name will always be synonymous with justice.” Of course… All of them, led by fake president Kamala, say this (and anything else) will just never be enough. (Oddly, they’re correct on that).

Benny Crump the Chump spoke with the fake co-presidents, thanking them for their justice rigging, but still wanting more… Of course… See BC’s TWEET.

Folks, this sad chapter is just the beginning of what will most likely be a long and violent civil war.

Whatcha think???

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