PREPPER POST NEWS – April 28, 2021 – Biomedical Warfare

PREPPER POST NEWS – April 28, 2021 – Biomedical Warfare


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It’s Wednesday, April 28, 2021

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Legal Stories in the News

  • Amerikans, facing certain Soviet gun control, are buying weapons at a record pace – again. However, as many international observers have noted, what good are guns that are never used? NPR
  • 2A rights are back in the Supreme Court, courtesy of the evil of NY law on concealed carry. Not that any of this matters, but … it really doesn’t matter. USAtoday
  • A teenage girl ranted on the socials. Her government prison school punished her. The Supremes are excited. May God take revenge on these evil child-hating cretins. HOMESCHOOL! StamfordAdvocate
  • The plight of White Western Peoples are representative of the fate of all humanity. PCR

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More Headlines Today

  • Fake President “Biden” is out to destroy all homogenous spaces in the USSA. Urban planning at its evil worst. Stat-Culture
  • Linnea Johnson writes about prepping under age or medical stress. A must-consider! OP
  • A new robot is designed to kill weeds with lasers. For some reason, I am dead set against this. Because robot? Freethink
  • Speaking of Sci-Fi … the SpaceX ship almost collided with a …………. UFO! It’s coming, folks… SUN
  • This hoax was anticipated by TV: Sheriff Lobo, 1980…

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Today’s Featured Topic is: The COVID War

Barnhard Podcast No. 144

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