PREPPER POST NEWS – April 7, 2021 – Genocide, Inc.

PREPPER POST NEWS – April 7, 2021 – Genocide, Inc.


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It’s Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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A Leak in the News

  • Bradenton, FLA: a pond full of radioactive mining waste threatened to spill over. Thousands were evacuated. If there’s anything remotely like this near you, then it would pay to know about it. NBC

The Nature of the Evidence

  • The Derek Chauvin show trial rolls on, with state persecutors verbally disputing the scientific findings of their own expert. This, alone and in former sane times, should have ended the trial. MSN

Crime Skyrockets

  • Defund police! Stop enforcing the law! Okay – this is what you get: violent crime out of control. CNN
  • Violent home invasions are getting worse too. Even out in the country. Take note of these incidents. Prepare. You may be on your own. GlennG
  • The USSA is being invaded. And FINALLY the USSA military is stepping in to help – by housing the invaders until they can be given welfare checks, SS cards, and your nation. Thank you for your service. FOX
  • The FBI is on the case. Your case. If you fake a fake virus “vaccine” “passport,” the FBI SS will hunt you down – even if you’re not breaking the law. InfoWars

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  • Dr. Roberts and Mike Whitney line up the known and suspected facts behind the largest war crime in history – World War C? PCR

Global Cooling

  • While the evil and the retarded scheme with their various hoaxes, something real is happening. We’re approaching another natural ice age. LRC

Retiring Soon?

  • According to MarketWatch, the ten best places to do it – assuming you can – are not in the USSA.
  • And the USSA will not be a thing for much longer. Everyone sees it now. PCR. “…the US politically has degenerated into a backwoods third world country where the incoming regime arrests or executes the previous president.” Culturally, it’s even worse.

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Today’s Featured Topic is: The USSA Deserves to Be DESTROYED Because of What We Tolerate … like THIS:

“The world’s leading clinic for abortion coercion is entering a new market: the transgender business. Planned Parenthood wants to reach out to young people and convince them to take synthetic hormones to alter their appearance and physiology. Planned Parenthood wants to prey on the adolescent mind and convince young boys and girls to alter their hormonal expression and undergo surgical operations that make them neutered and infertile.

Planned Parenthood now preying on adolescents, turning them against their biology and chemically castrating them

Legacy Food Storage

Planned Parenthood is exploiting childhood psychology and sexually harassing young people in a way that is reminiscent of pedophilia. As the predatory institution damages the health of young people, they are creating customers for life. It won’t be long before Planned Parenthood directly engages in genital mutilation surgeries.”

See how many children these monsters and their satanic allies have killed THIS YEAR.

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