PREPPER POST NEWS – April 9, 2021 – Our Too Real Sci-Fi Novel

PREPPER POST NEWS – April 9, 2021 – Our Too Real Sci-Fi Novel


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It’s Friday, April 9, 2021

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Goodbye, Youtube?

  • A platform that easily reaches a billion people obviously has some utility to preppers and even FP. However, for my part, little old Perrin is tired of the idiotic games as played by these useless enemies of freedom. Our lovely show from Tuesday was canned for TOS reasons. You can still watch it here. Was it the Christians in London? Or the fed (again)? Or “medical misinformation” (again)? I don’t care. Eff off, Susan.


Money Matters

  • Outside central banks are starting to abandon the USD. For obvious reasons. WSJ
  • Yet and still!!! Jamie Dimon says the good times are here to stay!!!! CNBC


  • BLM threatens even more violence unless Derek Chauvin is sacrificed. RT BTW, “T Mac” from YT, [“ive been choked before i told the guy i cant breathe then he stopped but this cop did not let up and MURDERED HIM POINT BLANK”], Bull. Shit.
  • Of course, if you have Black Privilege, like the (legitimate) teen girls in DC, murder is a-okay, even of another POX! Guess who’s to blame?!?! ZeroHedge

The Dummy House

  • Yes, the “smart home” of your dreams is a nightmare. Guardian


  • Is THIS how the USSA/Russia war shapes up? You’re no longer in charge of your country, you know.

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Zero Carbon = Zero Freedom?

  • I have not watched all of this video by the Ice Age Farmer (YT), but it comes highly recommended. All about the 50-year plan to return civilization to the dark ages???

WHY??? Pandemic Edition

  • Why have the most “vaccinated” nations on earth, Israel and Chile, had such different experiences with the continuing hoax? Guardian
  • Why would this (not a White Supremacist) Navy medic go on a shooting spree at Fort Detrick, home of the … stuff???? CBS13

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Today’s Featured Topic is: More “Misinformation” 

Afraid of COVID??? How about old-fashioned mRNA-derived CANCER?!


Legacy Food Storage

Bill Gates and the Vaccine Industrial Complex are very sinister, as we all know, but to create vaccines that truncate (disable by cutting short) cancer tumor suppressors, and destroy the human body’s ability to protect against cancer, well, that’s just complete insanity. Truncated tumor-suppressor proteins are similar to the DNA mutations that cause cancer cells to mutate and multiply uncontrollably. Will America see cancer cases skyrocket over the next few years due to Covid vaccines? Only time will tell, but right now, science is revealing that it’s likely. Pay close attention.

Therefore, anyone who is scared to death of the Covid vaccines is pro-science rather than anti-science, because the science shows the mRNA technology is very dangerous, especially concerning proteins that fuel cancer tumors. Let’s say that again: Science shows mRNA technology can fuel cancer tumor growth.”

This literally sounds like a dystopian movie plot… 

Irish Sentinel

Whatcha think???

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